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Im on a man hunt.

Hello BritNerfians. Greetings from the convict colony

Im here hunting one of your members who attended the MLF war I ran on june 19th in melbourne australia. I would very much like to chat with him more and gather some of his thoughts and opinions on various topics.  So give him up! Or there will be trouble :p

Thanks in advance.

It wasn't me....

Alright, So if I know its not you, And its not me.

That narrows it down to roughly 800 possible BritNerf users.

Its a start! Razz

I can help you there - it wasn't me either. 799 to go....  Very Happy

Now thats real progress!

And it wasn't me...

Rob, just so I understand this right, someone turned up at the MLF war, and specifically stated he was from BritNerf, or did he was just he just say he was a Nerfer from Britain? Also, if this was only run yesterday, the person is unlikely to be back in the UK and thus online

Did he give you a name that might help narrow it down? Did he have a distinct uk regional accent? I don't think it was one of the regular posters, so it might have been a lurker, at which point, good luck!

For extra confirmation: Was not me.

He gave me a name (I dont remember it) Hence my quest Razz

And he has to be from around here. He had a disdain for 2 switch rapidstrikes, and a love for 180s.
I also distinctly remember the words "BritNerf" being used.

I also remember it being north to some extent.

If hes a lurker he'll be lurking enough to see this!

He was visiting family and such so odds are he has a internet connection.

It wasn't me.

Give it a few days and I'm sure they will turn up. Could be that they are a lurker and haven't signed up yet.

I went to Australia once... but I can also confirm I am not the one you are looking for.

Perhaps one day, but it wasn't me.

Right, the notice has been posted. If the lurker is here they can sign up and PM ThatRussianMerc, if it's one of us then we can likewise use the PM system. There's no need to keep up this silliness. Thread locked.



       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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