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Improving product quality

If a company wants to improve its product's quality, what steps can they take to achieve this?

i assume we you are talking about a company manufacturing components.

1)check the design is spot on, use good CAD software. During the design process be sure to have in mind what manufacturing processes is going to be used. Ask the question "Can this be made?"

2)Make sure the material you are going to use is fit for purpose and of the correct specification/Grade for the job. Buy from a reputable supplier who can prove it is made to spec.

3)Make sure all machinery and equipment is in a good state of maintenance and calibration

4)Check all your tooling is correct for the material you are working with.

5)Make sure all staff are competent in their own role, but also understand the entire process.

6)Regular inspection of components during each stage of manufacture.

7)good relationships with customers and suppliers.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the tips. This is actually for my friend and they are already considering those points. They're just wondering now if they should get a QMS software that can keep track of all those processes. I told her it should be worth it since better product quality means more clients. I went with her yesterday to a consultant and she was recommended that software.

Re: Improving product quality

Limegreen06 wrote:
If a company wants to improve its product's quality, what steps can they take to achieve this?

Here are some. Hope these help, too.

1. Focus on process, not people.
2. Create a quality chart.
3. Develop organizational understanding of the cost quality.
4. Solve problems completely.
5. Employ strong process discipline.

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