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IMR advice

Those of you who have nerfed with me will know I'm a springer guy all day, don't get me wrong I can totally appreciate the advantages a good flywheeler can offer but I find that priming, lining up a shot and nailing someone ultimately more satisfying. Anyway after a few battles at GUN I've decided adding a flywheeler to my arsenal would be handy so I've taken the plunge and ordered a couple of IMR's dummy cells and a charger. Thanks to oldnoob for the numerous links to the IMR stuff as the question has been asked many times but my question is what is best stock blaster running two AA IMR cells and two dummy cells, just now I have an orange Stryfe, demolisher, rapid red, fearless fire,modulus. If I like it I might invest in a rewire and run another cell, is that worth it? I know a lot of you will say 'lipo' but as this will probably be an occasional blaster for me I don't want to spend out on lipo and motors just now. Any advice on the stock blaster that performs well much appreciated, cheers Very Happy

Re: IMR advice

All semi auto's should perform about the same on 2S with the Stryfe possibly doing slightly better owing to it's shorter barrel. The problem with IMRs is that by the time you buy 3-4 cells, a couple of dummy cells and a charger you end up spending about as much, if not more, than you would on a decent pack and charger. I'd generally only recommend going for IMRs if you know you'll never go down the LiPo route (otherwise you end up shelling out twice - incidentally you can even run the stock motors on a LiPo) but, from what you've said above, that might be all you want anyway. Rewiring is recommended regardless of what you do (even in an otherwise standard blaster) as it removes potential points of failure and unnecessary additional resistance (your stuck with the spring terminals but series resistance is cumulative).

It's also highly recommended, especially if you do go up to 3 cells (which will get you closer to 110fps vs. around 85fps on 2 series cells), that you replace the stamped copper brushes with some carbon brushes (on the right of this image) from a pair of donor FC130 motors otherwise they'll end up looking like the brushes on the left of this image in not a lot of time (the wind/performance of the donor motors doesn't matter too much, you only want them for their better brush gear). It is better to replace the brushes sooner rather than later as they can end up ruining the commutator aswell when they wear/fail (meaning you'd end up needing a new set of motors anyway).

It is also worth noting that whilst they are a "safer" chemistry, IMR cells (more precisely LiMn cells) are still a lithium chemistry and need the same sort of treatment as any other lithium chemistry if for no other reason than to ensure the cells live as long as possible (namely, don't overcharge, overdischarge, puncture/crush or heat them nor should you store them fully charged or fully discharged - charge them the day before a game and check they're down to about 3.6-3.8V per cell before long term storage).

Cheers for the info. I'll give it a go with my Stryfe and two cells and see  how I get on. Might move up to three cells as 100+ fps would be nice and competitive so I'll look at the rewire and brushes. If I do decide I like and go lipo they'll still get used by one of my other squad members, we Nerf as family so five of us generally at wars Very Happy

If you've not already got the imr's, hold off and borrow my 2 spares at GuN.

Cheers, I've already ordered some so hopefully I'll have them for the weekend.

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