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IMR's are not the answer to all AA power issues!

So, sunny day, playing out with the kids, and digging thru the hordes of junk in the garage to find a baby bouncer, and I stumble across a cheapy M&S mecanno radio control car, and the twins decide to play with it...

It plods along at a sedate pace, well below walking speed. So genius over here thinks 'I can make it go faster' and drop two of the imr's from the stampede, plus a dummy cell in place of the three aa's

Well, yeah it went faster... a lot faster... it just didn't like you trying to turn and go forward at the same time and the kids burnt whatever cheap motor is in it out!

The moral is... just because imr's fit and provide more power, doesn't mean they should be used!

Very Happy

Nice overvolt! The same thing happens with 4 IMR's in Stryfes...

OldNoob wrote:
Nice overvolt! The same thing happens with 4 IMR's in Stryfes...

2 IMR and 2 dummy cells should do the trick ha ha

I may have blown up an LED torch with 2 IMRs.

I use 4 IMR's in my stryfes sometimes when I want more power. If they burn out then oh well, it hasn't happened to me yet.
Starfalcon Tactical

Just thought this was worth mentioning seen as people are saying about burning out stock motors. I was recently in my local Maplin Store looking for replacement swithches and wiring when i saw a amall motor that looked identical to the ones I've seen in stock stryfes. so I took some measurements and specs and they are pretty much identical to Nerf's motors. its nice to know that you can get Nerf motors that fit and are identical to stock ones.
Heres a link to the maplin web store page for these motors:
they also sell switches that fit into stryfes with minor modifications to the shell:


P.S I am not affilliated with maplin electronics in any way
super gripper

I sell the motors taken out of the stryfe's, rapidstrikes, demolishers and the modulus. plus the swithes, whole wiring looms and lots of other parts.

these are all new and un-used from the blasters I modify.

pm me to see if I have what you need.

Lol, as per original post I burnt out the motor in a cheap remote control car, though good to know spares are available

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