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can someone link me some red efest imrs that are AA size possibly with a charger. Smile i can find any in 14500

Search for Torchy on the mighty bay

This is a really common qustion, which has been answered a ton of times.
In the interests of being  tolerant, reliable cells and safe charger also 2 cell version.

Thanks  Very Happy  let operation Codename: Ginger stryfe begin

Rather than start a new thread I thought it would make sense to ask here(I did do a search but couldn't find the info I was looking for ), how many IMRs would you recommend putting in a stock stryfe?  Was going to get some for a different project I'm planning but won't have much time to upgrade the wiring and fit a lipo until the new year as need to finish renovations before baby gets here in December.

Ditch the IMR and go straight to look, it's the advice I was given and I'm glad I did lol

2 imr plus 2 dummy cells will get you a bove stock, 3 plus a dummy starts getting dodgy with the standard wiring I think.

Thanks I'll stick with 2 until I get the chance for a rewire new motors and a lipo. They'll be going in the speedswarm project I have planned after so won't go to waste.

Be aware a speedswarm with a modded Spring is about 10A draw.

Probably won't upgrade the spring, planning on building a presence detector operated claymore so only need it for short range targets as they'll be close enough to set it off.

Incidentally, this is a perfectly good charger from a reputable UK seller for less. Single cell only but that's really no bother.

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