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Incisor at TRU

Wowsers! 40 brick and I know I can get a fearless fire for 15 quid but it looks soooo cool.....
And its my birthday soon.

Thats my girlfriends son sorted for his birthday then!

Wowsers! 40 brick and I know I can get a fearless fire for 15 quid but it looks soooo cool.....

And the problem with it being a TRU exclusive is that apart from the occasional sale (which it might not even be included in), it will stay that price for years to come.

And yet I'm still tempted

Yes, had a good look at one yesterday and it does look amazing and is really, really chunky but 40 is a bit steep for me. Couldn't help thinking there will be some amazing fantasy paint jobs possible on it, really liked the shell Very Happy
The Dark Kitten

For the deign i do like it.
For HvZ i could see it being an excellent primary(?) with a full rewire probably some nice new motors and a lipo then it could be a nice primary to run round and keep topping up. The overall comfort looks fine and the weight looks alright.

To be honest its just a nicer shell for a fearless fire which you can pick up for 20 so double the money for extra comfort in my opinion isn't really worth it.
Still i have good expectations for the line although the other one is a pure gimmick.


I think I like hte fearless fire shell more but then it's a bollocks to work with because of all those curves and the little handles etc, this one is a bit much as standard but more potential I think. (the top mounted drum is probably going to be easier to reload on the fly I think too)

I snagged a fearless fire in the home bargains bonanza and if my less than subtle hints result in an incisor for my birthday then expext some modding questions Northwind , if thats ok 😊

No bother  Very Happy Dead easy to work on though, doubt you'll need any help!

Sorry for the necro, but TRU are now saying this is half price at 39.99 down from 79.99. Isn't this major false advertising, I'm sure it started at 40 Confused


A necro is still a necro. Please use Nerf Sale thread for deals or start a new one for debate.. You have been warned. Thread locked ON

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