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Indoor or outdoor wars

As there seems to have been quite a few outdoor wars recently and I know some events are a mixture, whats your thoughts on indoor vs outdoor wars?

Ive only taken part in indoor stuff, round the house, sports halls and skateparks. I do sometimes test fire the blasters in the garden but if we're luck enough to get any decent weather I always go for the super soakers over dart blasters.

Do you guys not suffer big dart losses?

What do you guys reckon on the pros and cons ?


Bristol blast is mixed indoor and outdoor and we are lucky enough to have a very large outdoor area to battel.

We do a dart sweep following each game and try and collect as many darts as we can but no doubt we loose a few allong the way.

I really like the outdoor aspect as with a larger area you arnt confined to small corridors or rooms, however those small corridors and corners make for some really sneaky tags and adds an elament of tactical playing (watching your back checking rooms and corners).

We use very similar buildings and grounds as the Bristol blast for Grim up Nerf. Having the transition from outside to in and vice versa makes for some of the most memorable games, especially when attacking or defending the building is the games objective.

As for dart losses, we found if we played at the same venue for a number of months you'd end up finding the ones you list the previous month's games eventually as vegetation changed/wind blew them off the roof/things were moved around in the buildings.

Tips becoming detached is a much greater source of dart loss.

I have several hundred "almost dead" darts for outdoor games where I am going to lose a lot, my regular venue is indoors so dart recovery is pretty good.
Generally anywhere with decent cover is good for Nerf, inside or out. Open fields are not much fun and don't play to the gears strengths.

Course, lost darts cut 2 ways, I keep thinking some of our uni grounds would be superb for a war but it'd be a littering nightmare, you'd be finding darts in the undergrowth for a decade.

For GuN, we use a mix of indoor/outdoor, musch like Bristol - I'd say we expect to lose about 50 to 100 darts per event, with 50% of the darts into bushes & drains and the rest to general dart damage.

For the woods round we did on Friday, we limited the kids to 12 rounds... at worst, we'd lose about 400 darts, but given most groups didn't see each other, I reckon we lost 40 or so at most

I desperately want Hasbro to manufacture a biodegradable dart for the very reason that dart loss is inevitable outdoors. I'd be more than willing to pay more for a dart that will decompose than I would pay for standard dart.  As a biologist, it pains me that I don't usually recover all my darts, and a biodegradable dart would make me feel much better.

On a side note, I generally prefer indoor wars personally, although I've always played in large multi-level buildings which are excellent for Nerf wars. I love the intensity of the action of close quarters battles.

I've mainly played outdoors but had a few indoor games as well, in terms of dart losses outside it depends on what type of surface you play in/on, your unlikely to retrieve a fraction of your darts in heavy grasslands and forest but concrete/ asphalt its usually easy to retrieve a high percentage of darts.

The factor of cost does play heavily into deciding indoor or outdoor, unless someone has links to an indoor site it can be difficult getting an indoor area that has a decent play size and price, especially compared to outdoor sites that are usually available for free.

Honestly though finding a place that has the right balance of cover and size is more important than outdoor or indoor in my mind, an empty sports hall isn't as fun as an outdoor adventure park but an open field is far worse than a office space with plenty of tight corridors.
The Dark Kitten

So far from ZHoM it has been amazing weathered to bucketing it down.
The rain isn't pleasent but we threw on coats and dealt with it.
On dart losses we had less than people would think. Mostly it was elites and other dark coloured darts but to be fair most koosh were saved. On the matter of passers by we have been lucky and to an extent unlucky. We had 2 guys join in and gave us a great time. For the negative side. Someone trotted over and asked if we were paintballers. In reality that wasn't to bad but was a wee bit of a pain

Whenever I plink around in the garden my darts always seem to find their way through the gaps in my fence 😠

Does wind effect you much?
I do like the sound of using an adventure park, I'd just struggle to find one quiet enough though.

I'm beginning to wonder about the state of things at the site they run Greencloaks... Managed to recover six hundred odd, thought I'd done alright until I counted up and realised I'd shot more than a thousand...

So long as you're committed to picking up every dart you see whilst playing and doing a good dart sweep afterwards, I think you'll come away with a large proportion of what you started with.

Bright colours help if outside!

Wind does affect things, but it's hecka fun!

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