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Interest In Nerf Terf Springs / Mass Order

Hi Guys,

UPDATE: A Message from Mike Sutcliffe (the founder of NerfTurf Springs):

"Guys thank you all very much for your interest. It means a lot to me that you were thinking of purchasing my springs in bulk. My business is still very new and growing but unfortunately I haven't yet got to the stage were I can bypass or work with your customs system. And so I apologize sincerely. In mid Jan I will be sending parcels to my vendor Louis and then be able to offer you these great springs at a more affordable cost. Until then please feel free to use the eBay or contact me directly at Australian Nerfturf on fb. I always reply. Thanks guys your awesome."

This aussie fellow is trying to get his springs into the UK, so far reviews have been good and i think it's worth a try.

If anyone else is interested let me know via this pm or facebook and and providing theres enough interest I'll get a load in for us

Just to list a few:
* 6kg RET and all the blasters that take it.
* 10kg RET and all the blaster that take it.
* 7.5kg Strong arm -Same as above
* 12kg Tri-Strike  - same as above
* 8kg Longshot. Sleeved
* 16kg Longshot

Check out his website/ ebay for a bigger variety.

I've got one of his 10kg springs for the Retaliator. They are OK but not sure about absolute performance. I need to chronograph the various combinations I have to establish the best - I might ask FDS if he can help....

Not to be sour grapes but the Retaliator spring we sell is actually 7kg labelled as 5+kg to keep Trading Standards off our backs. Any more than that and you don't see any improvement due to restrictions with the plunger tube. Same goes for the Tristrike. Why the hell he went to 12kg I have no idea.

Don't bother with the Strongarm, it'll break. If you want a UK spring then the BSUK Sidestrike spring is 7kg and will fit but the standard caveat of it breaking your kit stands.

As for.the Long shot, why won't people just let it die? I don't even understand the janky waste of plastic's existence in 2016. Plus you're going to need to keep an eye on the change in the law next year because the LS is one of those that's liable to cross the new line if you're not careful.

Your all very right,

I'm not complaining about the current springs we have on offer but it's nice to see these new products comming to market.

This post is really to gauge the interest on is it worth me getting more then needed to sell a few kinda thing.

I know for a fact that the prices will not be able to beet BSUK so it's just an alternative option to see what these boys down under are working with.

I personally haven't tested / chronied any of the springs and I'm just going to get a load in to give them a shot.

The LS has something about it which makes it super cool I think its gonna be here until 2020 fingers crossed.

I'm wary of the changing laws I will end up having to put my longshots in a gunsafe xD

LS is just cool. I don't care that it's impractical, it's bad-ass. I might be in the market for a lighter spring for my second one so watching with interest (the ONN one hits hard but I'm too puny for it)

The ONN Spring is a great spring, I'm currently running it in my brass breeched longshot with the stock spring around it.

The 16kg from Nerf Terf is very similar but considerably harder to prime.

The Nerf Terf will be releasing a 8kg spring which is designed to fit into the 16kg one so you could double them up for a whopping 24kg! but obviously that's not what your looking for.

The OMW 8kg spring is a really nice spring and this new one will be comparable to that.

If your looking for something weaker, I think black tactical from Singapore do a 12kg spring which is got a really nice prime to it but not too much resistance, I'm currently running this 12kg spring in my sentinel and it's a breeze to prime even with the handle.

I would recommend the OMW 8kg one thats available in their longshot stage 1 kit.

Beautiful looking spring and well crafted and its reasonably priced, available on amazon etc.

Note new laws will change EXACTLY NOTHING regarding building or owning anything over 1J EXCEPT the fact you WONT BE ABLE TO USE IT IN A PUBLIC SPACE, it will count as "a barrelled air weapon" and will thus be subject to the same CARRY and USE regulations as air rifles do now. It WONT be classed as a firearm given both its ammunition and velocity. The 12ft/lb air rifle limit equates to well over 600fps with a dart so ALL the springs under discussion WILL BE FINE.
Also the higher rates are all outside current Britnerf/public space limits ALREADY but are FINE for use on CLOSED FIELD private events, where the proposed law change won't matter.
Just thought that needed clarifying before you all order.

*sigh of relief* Phew.

Thank you for giving us the piece of mind Old Noob.

I'm sure I can speak for a lot of people when I say I feel much more comfortable with owning/ modding my blasters now that you've said that.

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