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Introducing myself

Hi all,

So I had written a nice long witty introduction..........but my stupid iPhone deleted it all so here's the short version!

Name: Dan
Age:31 year old man-child
Job: university machine shop technician
Skills:cad,cam,cnc,3D printing,reverse engineering, welding and fabrication, electronics, and software engineering(novice)

Interested in contributing to the comunity and participating in wars!

Hi, welcome to Britnerf. Those skills are all stuff that can contribute plenty to the community. We all look forward to seeing them put to good use.

Hi Dan welcome to Britnerf, I'm fairly new here too and have to say everyone has been great and very welcoming as well as being happy to help wherever they can 😊

Welcome to the forum, there's a thread for this sort of thing. Enjoy your stay. Smile

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Q&A and New members
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