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It's grim up Nerf - Leeds January Nerf war post match report

That was more fun than it deserved to be! I ache now. Must be an age thing Smile

An amazing selection of blasters on display and in play. Some sound people as well - I reckon we have a good foundation to build on here.

Speed HvZ will stand out as my favourite game. Just goes to show that regardless of numbers and size of venue there is always fun to be had.

I'll post up the few pictures I took later.

My son loved it as well and has some game ideas for the next meet.

Thank you blind geek for sorting out the venue and everyone else for turning up.

See you next month!

Shame i couldn't come, it was just to far for me to get there in time as i had to do some other things. Maybe i can play at the next one though.

More the merrier. Just because we've started something it doesn't mean we won't welcome new players with open arms (& well stocked blasters!) Smile
The Dark Kitten

I'm just formatting my footage now i took with my gopro.

It was an excellent war and the amount of people and the game modes did complement the venue well.

OK, so here's my breakdown of the Leeds war...

Apologies if it comes across a bit hypercritical, it's a bad habit of mine...

Organisationally, it was a bit of a nightmare, I started looking for venues over the xmas holidays which affected places ability to respond. Some venues still haven't responded. Some wanted to charge a fortune. Some didn't like the idea of a Nerf war.

The venue I went with in the end had the hall available, even if the dance group that uses their other hall thought they could get away with being in our hall! And was within a budget I was willing to use to get this community going. It was about the size I was expecting given the cost, and we did make use of the storage room and entry room. It wasn't the largest, but it fit the 9 of us pretty well, and worked surprisingly well with the speed HvZ.

Advertising the event... well it was on here, and word of mouth to friends... A firmer date, time and location would have helped here, which goes back to the earlier problem. I reckon we need to set the date and location for February now... for the moment, i'd feel happier if we kept it a britnerf and friends thing

Snacks... I took some home! That never happens! Must admit, I barely touched the drinks, and wish i'd had a glassful before we went home, I nearly downed the coke when I got in.

Darts... gen 3 koosh are so much better than gen 2! Of the 600 I got, I think about 60 to 70 didn't get used. We probably used another 200 or so of people's normal darts, which a lot of went into a communal dart bag during the tidy up. I'll probably separate these out, as well as weed out the koosh that Dark Kitten managed to shred in my rampage!

Blasters... we all brought a lot of them... there were some common themes, retaliator, eats, jolts, more jolts, triads, hammershots, older blasters... Justajolt's modded jolt was powerful, he got me on the chin and it still stings! Quite impressive to see seriyu's air pump blasters, though as impressive as they are, they are quite impractical in a war! I know that personally i'll be slimming down what I take... Probably down to 2 hammershots and triad for the son, firestrike, eat, demolisher and rampage for me. Quite amusing to see that several of us brought our blasters in army surplus duffel bags...

There were some surprises with blasters. Seiryu brought some boomco ones, they pack a nice punch but just feel wrong. I lent oldmannerf some imr's for his modded rapidstrike and boy did that thing go crazy. In a venue that size, there was surprisingly little distinction between any weapon, though I did find it strange that oldmannerfs modded stryfe on aa's was getting less performance than my unmodded fearless fire on 2 imr.

I think overall, the event has fully sold me on flywheel over springer. As much as I love the physicality of priming my eat or rampage, I felt the stryfe/fearless fires I used were more reliable.

Edit: one thing I I certainly need to be better at is marking my own stuff

Cover... i'd brought some camo nets and camo sheets to cover up chair stacks/tables. This worked well, we had 3 chair stacks and 3 tables, and we had some good moments with people sniping from below the nets.

Games... mostly team deathmatch with funky sides like 'kids vs adults', famines vs others etc. We did some pistols only rounds, free for alls and what could best be described as speed HvZ, which worked really well.

The future... i'd love to make this a regular event, and Justajolt has got a good free venue over in Tong. It's a bit further a field for some of us, but it should allow us more options for game types. I'd like to see some more players

Here's a professional quality floor plan of Tong location.

Suggestion, sat 20th feb for next event (I can't do 27th)

Speed HvZ  ?
How's that work then, sounds like you folks had a blast.

Love the zombie on the floor plan. Think we'll be seeing a few more of them Smile

Speed HvZ is just a really abreviated HvZ. We started with 2 zombies verses 7 players. Single shot blasters only. Tag a zombie and its stunned for a count of 5. The humans got better when they got organised, until the zombies worked out how to over come their defences. Fast and furious!

Yeah, the 3 zombies stacking up to protect themselves, and one crawling under a table was pretty cool. Though the Speed HvZ absolutely killed me in terms of energy and breathing

JustAJolt... Now i've figured out how to see the pic... What scope is there for using the outside? Looks good though, I'm sure OldManNerf is already thinking stuff up.

Forgot to add to my breakdown -
A big shout out to Dark Kitten for coming over from Manchester, and a big thanks to his parents for driving him and his mate over
A big thanks to JustAJolt for sorting out the next venue
A shout out to JustAJolt's mate, who was effectivley a Nerf newb and still managed to whoop our butts several times
A big thanks to Old_Man_Nerf for giving me and my son a lift back, it saved me trying to get the too much stuff I brought onto a bus!
A thanks to Seiryuu for bringing his wide range of customs and rarities

'Speed HvZ' sounds remarkably similar to BUZAN HvZ. Play that once a week for 4 hours a week for 3 years and you'll be a BUZAN grade veteran. Razz

Seriously though, it's a great game type for teaching situational awareness, reloading skills and all sorts of other useful Nerfy skills. Between the high pressure and high turn over, you learn damn fast. Personally, it's my favourite thing to play ever.

Boff wrote:
Play that once a week for 4 hours a week for 3 years and you'll be a BUZAN grade veteran. Razz

Most of us have wives and lives and kids so that ain't gonna happen Smile if we stick to the plan and do an event/game/meet per month we'll be doing fine. Any more is a bonus.

Now with added photos;

If its 20th i don't think i will be able to come as i will of just come home on a 14hour coach journey from spain and i don't think i can  stand and more long car journeys after that. Might have to come for the next one if a war is in feb.

The other option, and one i'm happy with, is we push it to 5th march

trimmed down my gear, repacked everything into its storage, and all my stuff is present and accounted for. I'll mark it up later

Dart wise, of the 600 koosh I brought, 129 were still in packets, and we had a grand total of 4 dead ones that were deheaded or crumpled to death. All fired from the rampage...

Of the generic mix that got dumped into the box, there's a lot of dart tag ones and FVJ's, which i'll take out of circulation. Seiryuu i've got one of your boomco ones

Just realised there's an error on my diagram... main room actually not that different to st m's room. Slightly bigger as opposed to 2x.  

How about Sat 13th Feb AND 1st Sat in March? We were thinking about once a month, after all!

Regarding use of the grounds, that wouldn't be a problem. There's a small pathway (1m wide) around the outside of the building, some grass around that.

On the kitchen and main hall side of the building, there are bushes.

On the other sides there is car park.,-1.7074415,160m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x487be0558370aeeb:0x352e7a71f25f74e8!6m1!1e1

Have a look at this on satellite view for an idea of how it looks on the outside. Main hall is to the East of the image, same orientation as the (wonderfully drawn) diagram.

We can use as much of it as we want to! It's fairly enclosed, so no worries about harming/freaking out natives.

I wouldn't worry about the size of the hall, it's the number of rooms that make all the difference Smile if we can easily come and go via the various entrances/exits that adds another dimension to the game.

I can make the 20th. I too would like to try and stick to the one event a month if we can.

I was originally keeping 13th Feb free because of valentines, but the missus has just announced she's taking the kids to her mums, so I am free all day on 13th, with no need to rush back to deal with the kids, whereas 20th i'm limited to about 4 hours out of the house.

I'd presumed I was the tong old schoolroom, that church is actually easier to get to.

Saturday 13th and 20th of Feb are both fine with me...

As soon as we know which we want, I can check with the guy in charge and get it set in foam.

D: Both of those dates i will be travelling to/from spain. Maybe at the next one.
The Dark Kitten

Next time ill try not to shred darts
Not that i have much input in that!

The venue pic looks good...ish
Still if all goes to plan another trip from Manchester to Leeds is in order

A big thanks to all who came and Blindgeeuk for the orgination

That venue in Tong should be easier/quicker to get to from Manchester.

Just confirming I can do both 13th or 20th.

Take your pick and let's make it happen!


I can get you from one of the Bradford Train Stations if needs be. I think trains run direct from Manchester.

If you're in a car like last time, it's easy, like Old_Man_Nerf said. M62, M606, a couple more miles and you're there!

Got a few more who want to come next month too, so we'll have increased numbers ^_^

May have to rebelle it up if we're doing the 13th, otherwise I might try and see if my cake darts idea is feasible.

As for the darts I left, thanks for finding the BOOMco one, those things are stupidly expensive so it'd be great to recycle them as much as possible. The taggers are less of a concern, especially as you lot object to them and I don't get to play with anyone else, but they do look good stuffed into the little loops on my trousers.

And regarding the impracticality of my air blasters:
The Wildfire seems to outspeed any flywheel blaster for the short period it's primed and loaded. Yes, it lasts about 3 seconds. Yes, it takes about as many minutes to prime and load. No, it's not entirely impractical. Just mostly.
The Titan is more of an intimidation piece used to force people to commit to motion. It's not good alone or when people are tightly packed and definitely impractical in all circumstances but still formed half of my most successful loadout in the assassins' days.
The former, I use whenever able because I love it so much. The latter is really just a joke.

Anyway, it was a great time and I'll definitely be back but I think I might have to take up that lift from bradford offer. Definitely need to beef up my jolts some.
Loving the speed HvZed like everyone else.

I've got an idea for the dart tags, i'll be running it past old_man_nerf and justajolt later today...

Objections to dart taggers was just based on an initial assessment that a) they are a firmer tip than anything else b) the Velcro has the potential to scratch/damage sensitive areas and c) if we provide darts we can control what gets used in case anyone has any other ideas about crazy dart combo's Smile

If we are all wearing eye protection and we insist on all wearing it then it's less of a problem. If we are looking anything like 'organisers' of this and anyone does have a problem with rogue darts that we have not tried to control then it could come back to bite us. I'm just trying to keep things fun and de-risk them slightly for all concerned.

Happy to keep this conversation going and if anyone has any better ideas/suggestions fire away!

I'm not convinced the tips are any firmer than most but the velcro does scratch. I have no problem with you banning them so go ahead.

Thanks for understanding.

Could we agree that we aren't banning them. Sounds prohibitive and is not what I'm about. What I prefer is practical and workable risk management to ensure everyone has a good time.

Banhammers/risk assessments/elf'n'safety gone mad is used to justify not doing things - I like to turn that around and use them to our advantage.

So over time as we develop games and ideas we will review what we want to do and the equipment we want to use, and evaluate what is and isn't risky and there may even come an occasion when a dart tagger or even a titan rocket are an essential part of a game. Never say never Smile

I still really doubt the stock Titan will ever be practical but I'm down to explore new, softer, less permanent sounding options for the name of the situation with taggers.
The Dark Kitten

If i do take the train or rely on very considerate parents (may as well while i can)
a lift would be very kind

i would love to join you guys but being down south is a huge disadvantage for me,

Being 'down south' seems to be a disadvantage for a lot of people, and yet they still insist on doing it Smile

All I can say is until this weekend we were all just names on a forum. If some northerners (& southerners in self imposed exile) can get their act together I'm sure with all the millions of people squashed in down there you must be and to find someone to fling foam at!

If you ever get north of the Watford gap feel free to join us...

Maybe a meet at a midpoint in Leicester or Nottingham is in order over the summer....

It'd be worth moving that discussion to a different thread, but the D&D events i've run at Nottingham haven't had a massive attendance from down south. Places like portsmouth and bristol are just that little bit too far to make a day trip out of it

Justajolt wrote:
Maybe a meet at a midpoint in Leicester or Nottingham is in order over the summer....

I'm seriously thinking about packing up the FDT mobile and driving down from Edinburgh for a weekend, maybe one Northern venue Saturday, Southern venue Sunday, hiring out sports halls and bringing the inflatables down.

Would require some planning (on another thread obv) but I'm totally up for it.
The Dark Kitten

Sadly events have occurred that i wont be making it next week  Crying or Very sad
On the plus side though the video footage is here


Well done on the video, though! I love being able to relive stuff.

Well, there'll be another one next month too. Sharpen your claws for then!

Great footage, though god my arse looks huge... I blame the fish eye lense!

Love the opening shot of your mate lobbing the dart.

I've got an action cam (non gopro) fit onto the end of my demolisher, and another velcro'd onto the fearless fire. And I'll try and get some drone footage as well at this weekends event.

Any reason why I can't see the video?
The Dark Kitten

search Grim Up Nerf 30/01/15 Montage

Bizarre. Worked on my laptop but not my phone.

Things I learnt - I'm too big to hide behind stuff. And I need to break out of cover more frequently.

We'll have to re-shoot the hail of darts footage at the end though - well volunteered Smile
The Dark Kitten

Well i was the one with the camera ... how much volunteering happened?

So really we should say to everyone else: "Well coerced"...

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