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Its not always about flinging foam

Any body else experiencing this heat wave !

daniel k

just a gray day in the South-East, though brightening now. I wish I was in that heatwave!

It's been years since I had a watergun fight! Sounds like fun!

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The Dark Kitten

Heat wave?
I look outside and all I see is heavy rain covering the patio.
Sucks in Manchester =(

It's the weekend of Otley show... one downside to being the first agricultural show of the season it ALWAYS rains. I've lived in this town for 15 years and it's never been sunny for the show.

I've spent the weekend looking after the baby, checking the seal on my hammershot, investigating alternative spinner prints (25 micron? Rather than 200), cooking, and cleaning up

Was hoping my 22 round mag would have arrived this weekend, but no chance!

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