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Jase 3D MO

I'm about to order some more bits from Jase. Usual rules for my MOs - post what you want here.  I'll leave this post up until 9th June which will be the closing date for orders.  I'll contact you via PM for payment

Funnily enough, I was just scrolling through Jase's site earlier, thinking to my self "I wonder if I should look at doing a MO when I get paid" - you beat me to it! Payday next week, so I'll have a little think about what I want/can justify spending this weekend and drop my list here.

Cheers for sorting this out.

Oh, great! Was looking at a couple of his items the other day. Could I please get:

1 x stryfe 180 motor cover - orange
1 x stryfe low profile battery door - orange


I was looking at putting an order in for some Jase3d goodness myself but then TBR told about this MO being organized. If the order was put in by the 9th June would the parts be here in time for the Battle of Britnerf in July?

Jase has been pretty good at shipping I think 3 weeks was what he achieved last time

Ok, could I get the following:

1x Iron sights $15.00
1x rapidstrike thumbscrew $4.50
1x stryfe top front rail $15.00
1x stryfe quick release lever $6.50

All in orange, except for the thumbscrew in black.


Ok then hoping they get here in time for the BBOB in July here is my order.

Snubby Muzzle                        $10.00
Stryfe 180 Motor Cover            $16.50
Stryfe Bottom Front Rail           $15.00
Stryfe Extended Battery Door   $15.00
Stryfe Magwell                        $15.00
Stryfe Quick Mag Release Lever $6.50
Stryfe Top Front Rail               $15.00

All the above in Black please.

Total $93.00

Suppressor and snubby muzzle in orange please.

total AU$28.50

ta very much for organising

I'll be summarising the order shortly and will post the full list for everyone to check as that is what I will send to Jase

Order details:


Stryfe 180 cover - orange $16.50
Stryfe low profile door - orange $15.00

Total - $31.50. PAID


Iron Sights - orange/orange $15.00
Rapidstrike thumbscrew - black $4.50
Stryfe front top rail - orange $15.00
Stryfe mag release - orange $6.50

Total - $41 PAID


Snubby muzzle - black $10
Stryfe 180 cover - black $16.50
Stryfe bottom rail - black $15.00
Stryfe extended battery door - black $15.00
Stryfe Magwell - black $15.00
Stryfe mag release - black $6.50
Stryfe front top rail - black $15.00

Total - $93.00 PAID


Suppressor - orange $18.50
Snubby muzzle - orange $10.00

Total $28.50. PAID

Stryfe thumbscrew - dark grey $3.50
Stryfe bottom front rail - dark grey $15.00
Stryfe magwell - dark grey $15.00
Stryfe mag release - dark grey $6.50
Stryfe extended battery door - dark grey $15.00
Iron sights, Nerf mount, dark grey with red accent $15.00
Birdcage muzzle - dark grey $14.00
Stryfe top front rail - dark grey with red accent $15.00

Total $ 99.00 - PAID


Snubby muzzle - White $10.00
Iron sights - White with light green accent $14.00
Stryfe bottom rail - White $15.00
Stryfe extended battery door - White $15.00
Stryfe Magwell - White $15.00
Stryfe mag release - White $6.50
Stryfe top rail - White with light green accent $15.00

Snubby muzzle - silver $10.00
Rapidstrike mag release - White $6.50
Rapidstrike mag release - light green $6.50
Rapidstrike flared Magwell - White $15.00

Total - $128.50 PAID

I will be PMing everyone on the list with my PayPal details and the balance to pay.  This will be based on the current exchange rate at Once the order is placed, I will update with the actual costs to pay which will include the share of postage.  Once in the UK I'll Pm everyone to obtain shipping info and preferred shipping option

Waiting on Dazzle and then I can place the order with Jase

Paging Dazzle....

I think the said he was moving house? If not, might be his shift patterns?

Oh bugger sorry guys for holding everything up, as Adam (Blindgeekuk) said have been moving house most of last week so lack of internet and utter chaos meant I completely forgot about this.
Apologies monies sent.

No worries mate - have messaged Jase to place the order

Treezy and Dazzle, can you let me know if you want Nerf or picatinny mount for your sights and top rails please?

Order placed. Exchange rate was 1.6071 dollars.
PayPal fees and shipping came to £34.80 after exchange which has been split equally across all (including me)

Balance to pay for shipping to UK and currency fluctuation is:

Filadams £7.93. PAID
Treezy £8.23
Dazzle £9.83. PAID
BobCatMax £7.85

Order has been despatched


The £9.83 been sent pal.

Parcel has landed in the UK! I Will be doing a delivery to BoB if that's how you'd like to receive your stuff

Hi Franksie, sorry to be a pain but can my order be posted to me at home please as waiting for said bits to finish off a project ready for BoB lol.
Let me know postage and I'll PayPal it over.
I'll PM my address to you.

Just to be clear guys, parcel is not in my hands yet

If you are attending BoB and planning on meeting Franksie to collect your order please can you arrange a time to meet with him. We would suggest meeting in the first car park as this will mean he doesn't need to wander round the site looking for people, and means no issues with non players accidently walking through areas that are in use for games.

Much appreciated.

I won't be anywhere near site so you can untwist your panties

Franksie wrote:
I won't be anywhere near site so you can untwist your panties

And when we try to reach a compromise.....

... I've already spoken to your co-organiser and arranged it all....

Excellent - sounds like he has found a solution that suits everyone.

It's amazing what collaboration and freedom of movement can achieve.

Getting this back on topic for those actually involved in the order.

For the first time ever I've been stung with a customs charge of 25.28.  I'll be spreading this equally between us.

Dazzle - your stuff will go out Special Delivery this afternoon.  Anyone else who wants this service needs to get back to me by 1pm today.

I'll add final totals to be paid here shortly

Filadams - 4.22
Treezy - 15.25
BobCatMax - 12.07
Dazzle - 11.49

Postage will be on top unless you are collecting from an event. I'm willing to risk you paying me for that after you receive your parcel

If you could get mine in the post today to arrive with me some time this week, that'd be great. If you can let me know a final total (customs & postage) I'll get that PayPal'd over this eve

Treezy PM me your address and I'll get it out to you - just state preferred postage - first/second, tracked/untracked

Treezy, Dazzle, my other half is packing yours up as we speak.

There is however some bad news for Dazzle - no thumbscrew for your battery tray - it seems at some point these became an item bought seperately rather than provided with the battery tray.  I've been caught out too!  Seems Sparky read the fine print.

Thought I'd give you a heads up in case you want to give BSUK a call to see if they can bail you out!

Dazzle, I can sort you out with a white thumbscrew that i'm not using at the moment if its a stryfe one you were after. Though, Franksie might be able to sort you out a black one that he has somewhere as he wants me white one!

Will update tonight Dazzle - the rest is on its way

Dazzle, black thumbscrew being delivered to Mr Crane Friday night for you so it will be at BoB

Are you planing to be at the next Bristol Blast? I'm hoping to be if it's on the 22nd.

I can't make July Bristol Blast, sadly.  Maybe one of the BB team will take it for you when I deliver to Battle of Britain?

Looks like I won't make it to BB either. Could you post? I'll PM my address.

Thanks Franksie for all efforts, seamless as usual.
I'll catch up with Mr Crane at BoB as I want to show him what I've done to the Nemesis I bought off him anyhow.......he asked earlier but I couldn't reveal as not quite finished yet.

Also the monies are in your account ( PayPal ).

Thanks again

All received yesterday. Thanks for posting so promptly

Just waiting on BobCatMax and this MO is complete...

Paging BobCatMax!

Will refund your cash and keep the parts for myself if i don't hear from you by the end of the month

Big apologies Franksie, for some reason I'm not getting emails to say threads have been replied to!

money already in your account

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