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JB Weld is not sticking to my blaster

I've tried to JB weld a picatinny rail to my blaster a couple of times now, and each time it has fallen off at the slightest knock.

It sticks the the picatinny rail well...

...but not the blaster

i roughed both surfaces with sandpaper.

Is JB weld the best thing to use?

Use Devcon plastic welder and sinking a couple of nuts and bolts into the blaster and tac rail? Ya know, for the best of both worlds.

^ best advice given [/thread]

JB weld is a crap polyester based resin, totally useless for Nerf. You are also putting maximum torsional load through a tiny glue area. Expecting that size of bonded surface to hold a fore grip (not even going to ask why a barricade needs a foregrip) is a recipie for immediate failure. Look at the length of the lever (in this case the foregrip) acting on that tiny surface area.
Devcon has an alleged 3500psi bonding strength in addition to its much vaunted "welding" properties. In this instance I don't think even that will be enough. I would go for a superior bolted solution like the shortest piece in this set. You will need M3 X 20 bolts too. Then use a pair of holes through the centre line with M3 nylock nuts and washers on the inside of the shell. That won't break and will be cheaper than Devcon.

All good advice

Thanks for your help

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