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Just finished my Strongarm Mod

I have done my second little project now. Thoughts?


I like the red on black, but I would have done the cylinder red as well, did you do anything internally?

Having just done a blaster containing some of these colours I would have flipped it and painted the body red with the cylinder, slide and handle black. Personally I also sand all the Digi cam and trademarks etc off before painting.
Well done overall though. Waiting for the next one! What's in the frame for the next mod?

- arn - I haven't really done much except making it so you have to pull the slide back all the way and then fire so extra safety and to help stop dry firing as much

- oldnoob - thanks as it is my first strong arm mod I didn't want to do to much but now I'm thinking of modding another one and possibly a retaliator

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