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Just to say hi

Heya folks!

Just a quick one to introduce myself a bit.

I got into Nerf stuff a few years back when my parents planned to get my little brothers (MUCH littler) a stryfe each.
I scored myself a recon on ebay for 11 and i was hooked. My little brothers where too but i think it was more me.

I've ended up with a modest arsenal of these things now and i figured it would be best to do more with them than the occasional "across the living room" battle...and using them to pester the better half didn't quite fill the void.

So - the said arsenal consists of:

Rapidstrike XD (stock)
Strongarm (AR removed)
Firestrike (ar removed)
Magnus (zombiestrike one, stock)

The better half has a magnus, cycloneshock and a centurion...bought to retaliate to my pestering.

If i'm missing any essential weapons please let me know haha. Currently not got any tacticool gear

Looking to learn a bit more about well...all things Nerf? And get myself (and my brothers) into an event or two, even if it's a bog standard deathmatch.

As my name implies i'm in Carlisle so no local events sadly...but if things go well, i might try change this!

Thanks for reading!


See link for introductions thread. Locked. ON


Welcome, there's a thread for this.

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