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Is this...
...suitable for Nerf/looking after lipo packs?

Yup, that'll work to display voltage. It reads out a number, your brain is the bit that keeps the pack safe. Smile

... Yeah..  Best get an audible alarm as well.. Thanks Boff!

Just a visual monitor is sufficient, audible too is probably over-kill. Heck, I run most of my packs at GC without alarms. I just carry a multimeter and a screw driver with me all the time. Very Happy

It'll work but it'll probably be a little large for a Stryfe or even a Rapidstrike build. You can get smaller 23x15x10mm voltmeters that fit in builds with space constraints and, even though they lack a bezel, can look very clean if you mount them flush (Clockwork Wino did a test run of laser cut acrylic brackets for the smaller size of voltmeter a while ago aswell - not sure if they went any further with that though).

You might want to add an external switch/button (or hook it up to an existing switch like the jam door) so it doesn't stay on all the time though.

If you have a correctly specified pack you will almost never go below 3.6v per cell in Nerf use. Voltmeters are fine if you like having gizmos, but are not a necessity. I have them on 3/5 of my serious primaries, I almost never look at them, except out of idle curiosity.

I'm going to mount it into a Stryfe battery tray extender mounted into the side of my Modulus,  should fit nicely... With the mirror image one (thanks BSUK) on the other side!  Boom. (I'm making the standard battery door into a grip for the RC MK and using the battery tray upside down as the bottom of the Modulus in that area..  Hence breaking into the side of the blaster).

Loving your style Boff! .. and blue LED gizmos. [/url]

I did wonder what the hell you wanted a mirror battery tray expander for. Mystery solved! It's on to print now. Very Happy

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