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Kent Nerf War 28th of May


May be kind of short notice but we had a trial day to just iron some thing out at the weekend and we can now push this. Now depending if this goes well are hoping to have an event once a month/ every fortnight. (hoping to get some free ones set up too)

Strood youth center, Montfort Road, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 3ET

£10 Per person or £15 for an under 16 with an Adult. £25 for two siblings with an adult, £30 family ticket for two adults and up to 3 siblings. (hopefully this is not too confusing )

Start Time: 12:00 to 16:00
Date: Sunday 28th of May
Registration between 11:30 and 11:50
Safety briefing @ 11:50
Games start @ 12:00
Break time @ 14:00
Games start again @14:30

130 fps blaster cap
No smoking on site
No alcohol
No swearing
Minimum age is 8 years old
By attending and signing in you agree to †being recorded during the event

We will be playing some Team deathwatch, Hvz, Trouble in terrorist town, Kill confirmed and Disarm the bomb or Capture the case.
We are hoping to have 4 Marshals at the event a few playing Marshals and 1 always in a hi vis watching the game. There is a car park on site.

we do also have a Group for this at
and I am going to set up a Facebook event for it.


Re: Kent Nerf War 28th of May

Pibby wrote:
Safety briefing @ 12:50
Games start @ 12:00

You may have got these 2 mixed up

Sounds like this is geared more at youngsters than hobbyists. If it is, since it's inside I'd advise you lower the velocity cap. Either way, I'll try and make it along to this one.

Is there a communal dart pool or do we have to bring our own?

Fixed the safety brief bit,

Also it's not all inside we are going to be using the whole building so inside and out we have a field which we are hoping to put some barricades on.
And regarding the family stuff that was more after reading a lot of the forums and general feedback i noticed a lot of the Big kids like to brings kids to join in so we thought if you bring a kid or a few it's going to stack the price up so we decided to offer discounts so we are getting new blood into the hobby. And we have a lot of local larpers who attend gc, who might be coming who have modded guns also so we did not want to leave them out of the fun.

Also regarding darts, we will have a dart pool. However Megas and rivals we may not have in time.

hope that clear that all out.

Awesomesauce. Thanks for clarifying.

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