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Welsh Mullet

Knex mag compatability

Does any one know if the knex magazines are compatible with Nerf blasters? I know the darts are, but I can't find anything on the mags

'Fraid not Knex has its own mag system so they won't fit in Nerf blasters and Nerf mags won't fit in knex mag wells, how easy to fix that is I couldn't say I've managed to get Nerf mags to fit in the xshot mag system with a bit of tweaking so it might be possible.
Welsh Mullet

Curses, argos has their 10 clips on sale

Smyths have two 12 mags and 24 darts for 13
Welsh Mullet

That's true but the knex ones are like more ergonomic rapid red clips, which is why I was curious.

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