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Knock-Off accustrike Darts

Hi all, i just found a seller on AliExpress selling an 100% copy of the accustrike darts. Iv never seen a copy of the dart head before. I ordered 5 packs of 10 to see if they are any good.

Look what I found on AliExpress


Ooh good find! <orders>. The accu darts are actually bloody good, they're just too expensive to use so if these are a good enough copy...

keen to see how you get on with them

I have them now. I dont have a chronograph but i can upload videos of me firing them along side real ones will that help?
I can bring them to BoB as well if your comming?

I've ordered some as well I'll chrony them if I get a chance.

Now on Amazon in case anyone wants them.

If anyone ends up with 50 new darts spare in the UK in the near future (ie before my aliexpress order arrives) that'd be enough for me to run my full test and compare with, well, everything  Laughing So give me a shout, happy to pay, I'd just like to speed things up a little.

I ordered mine from a UK seller so hopefully they will be here soon I'll send you some over when I get them, doubt I'll have time to get any serious testing done as I'm snowed under with blaster builds just now.

Cheers bud. Actually got a link for hte UK seller, that might be the best way?

Even Theresa May's getting in on the act and dressing as one:


What's the link? For the English seller, I mean?

Also just popped up on amazon in the US, will test these against waffles

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