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Larami SuperTech 9000, Hoppered, Barreled and ready to go!

The purists will say its heresy... and really I can't disagree - but here it is anyway!

Larami Small Soldiers SuperTech 9000 modded and mashed

This isnt Reddit / Nerfhaven so i'm not really expecting any outrage over me modding this but I decided I'd rather get some use out of it rather than the blaster sitting in someones collection for another 20 years doing nothing, its a toy at the end of the day and it was made to be played with!

As can be seen in the pictures below I've relocated the air tank to make it a more bullpup style design, I've seen plenty of SM5K tank relocations to above the trigger but never one to the back of the blaster.

A big thanks to OldNoob / FDS who helped me source the barrel, PVC wye and tube, we tried 20mm and it worked fine.

The barrel is cold drawn aluminium tube (15mm OD, 13mm ID) and seems to work pretty well. Obviously it doesnt sleeve well in the PVC so I wrapped electrical tape round the aluminium to centre it and hold it in place, then poured 2 part epoxy into the remaining gap to secure it.

As per usual with this type of barrel, I reamed out the end to get a smooth dart enrty, this was a little tricky with the epoxy as its a tad rubbery but using a dremmel then sand paper worked fine.

Everything is held in place via a cable tie (high tech I know, but it works) threaded through a hole I drilled in one of the shell supports under the wye alog with the faux front barrel which was drilled out to snugly hold the aluminium barrel.

To connect the trigger to the tank, I bent the rod 90 degrees and cut it to leave me as much as possible without having it interfere with anything in the shell. Unfortunatley I cut off one of the screw ports thinking itd get in the way, it turned out I didn't need too
The trigger is then linked via a piece of Deploy trigger that has been slotted so it fits over the stock trigger, glued into place with epoxy and finally some epoxy putty added to give it a bit more support.
To connect it to the trigger rod, I cut some small slots and glued two M3 washers into them to keep the rod in line.

It took a fair bit of thinking an planning but overall the mod was a pretty simple one, I'm happy with the minimal shell work needed as only 2 screw ports had to be removed (I cut out 3 by accident) and a hole in the top of the shell to allow the hopper to pass through.

Performace is brilliant, with a 47cm barrel (don't ask, it was all the barrel material I had) and the pump OPRV plugged I hit 304fps!
Totally impractical for UK wars at that power but I have no intention of pumping up that much regularly.
The hopper currently holds 5 stefans, this was just a test length of PVC but its a good size and I probably wont change it.

Yes, I know the trigger spring is missing in the pictures, it keeps popping out so I removed it to take them.

I got really lucky buying this blaster, I got it on eBay for 35 from some guy who was clearing out his loft - it was sold as working with no darts but when it arrived I couldn't get it to release pressure. After a bit of fault finding I realised the rod had disconnected from the tank release internally.
So I cut it open... (Shock horror!)
The end of the release had come off, so I glued it back on then glued the tank back together (a mix of super glue, solvent weld and 2 part epoxy) which seems to be rock solid and holding up well!

The picture below shows the fault

I can't stress enough the need for decent tools when doing something like this, hobby saws are brilliant as they can create a very thin and precise cut!

And thats all folks!

I've yet to have a chance to do a range test but with the length of barrel and fps the results are pretty obvious...

Parts list:

- PVCu Tee 45 Plain 20mm -

- PVCu SU Ball Valve Econ EPDM Plain 20mm -

- PVCu Clear Pipe 16 BAR 1.25m Length 20mm -

- Aluminium Round Tube / Pipe 15mm -;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Thanks very much for reading, if anyones got any questions then please ask!

...You disgust me.

She was an old lady and you mutilated her. Imposing your modern ideals of beauty and practicality on the aging generation is bang out of order. Doing this is like forcing your nan to have a boob job.

Now I've got that out of my system. Great job. It's good to see people mucking about with air blasters again.

Nice granny pimping!
Glad the parts worked out. If you could get a quick parts list up for people and a couple of links that would be great, then others can look at emulating your work with their own gear. This set up will work equally well with a drainblaster, for example.
UK Foam- Take note of the barrel material used here.

Parts list added to the original post!

Sacrilege! A Deploy trigger!?

What I find great about this hobby of that I can see how much I would have to learn to master it.  For a guy that needs to be constantly learning (and forgetting) seeing this kind of 'air blaster voodoo' reminds me of how little I know.. Which is great!

Just in case anyone wants to make UK Y hoppers, here's a 20mm-15mm speedfit adaptor to do the barrel to 20mm pipe, you will need a stub of 20mm bonded into the Y before you fit the adaptor.
If you ask Nerfshack he might have a sleeker solution, because 15mm OD is the main UK fresh water pipe size. You can't use our pipe as the wall is too thick, but the Aluminium used here has a useful 13mm ID, just like 9/16 K&S brass but in proper 1m lengths, with the added bonus of being tougher.

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