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Last Barricade! Trigger operated rev up and rewire.

I justified one final post because it's another blaster and something new for me.

Same wiring as last time with the addition of the switch to be placed in a normally closed configuration against the trigger. And how to hold the switch in place?

How else! Secure and well supported!

The rev up is spot on, allowing you to change your mind if you don't want to fire without rotating.

Thanks again for the pointers and tips, escpecially with regards to the video by FoamDataServices.

Next steps for all the blasters are for them all to have similar rev- systems. It being true that Barricade motors are 3S, I might get some 3S LiPos to go in them too.

I used Devcon for securing the switch, it's a little more permanent...
Well done, another mod completed!

Hot Glue might have been a better option there.....

I almost bought a hot glue gun on the day I did this.

I don't have enough uses for it yet though, so I decided not to get another thing to clutter up my wife's kitchen with and stick to my signature art medium ^_^

It may not be pretty or clever, but my wife is more than enough yin for the yang my unattractive duct taped blasters bring into our home!

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Modifications
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