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Last stand pistols

With my materials on route (and pics to follow when completed) for my next idiot gun I thought it would be a good time to make this post asking to see your pics and hear ideas for cool/useful/ridiculous one shot Nerf pistols, modded or otherwise, to inspire last ditch pistols for those of us that enjoy Nerf-Larps and the special niche held by the one shotter when playing them.
(See my only post in the pictures topic)


1- One shotter only
2- Preferably easy carry but rule of cool it

I'd go with a Bigshock (mega jolt) because you want your last shot to count.

Sawn off sledgefire  ( still a one shot, sort of 😕)

Firestrike/nite finder with upgraded spring

Sidestrike, small, quick priming and looks great painted. I am contemplating painting another. Plus better modded than the firestrike.


How about you carry around a LSFG, without actually attaching it to anything? A big, stupid last stand pistol. Its everything you could want, and several things you don't want.

UKNERF - Have to agree on the megadarts being nice for that one last dart, and you're the only one here who has heard what I'm making, so relevant.

Other peoples - I do like the side-strike, I did use the sharp shot for it's smoothness until elite stuff came out and very successfully so. The cut down sledge-fire had then been my one shot of choice until rule change at GC.

Davidov wrote:
The cut down sledge-fire had then been my one shot of choice until rule change at GC.

If you singled the Sledgefire it'd count as a one shot - plus you'd get a whole bunch of extra power out of it. Perma-fixing a Slugfire in there would make it single shot. Smile

It's too big as a practical last stand pistol if it doesn't have added benefit of extra darts, I would use it if it was my primary and I needed my freebie gun to be used at range.. maybe.

I really like the new Mega bow. Completely impractical, which makes it even better.

haloxxbilly wrote:
Firestrike/nite finder with upgraded spring

Nitefinder with 8kg Swarmfire spring and most of its stock spring. AR removed in favour of extra brass barreling and the surrounding deadspace plugged. Seal improved. Barrel shortened so that darts vacuum load into the plunger tube. Dart post attached to plunger head for guideance (they sheer and gum up the blaster otherwise).

Not so much a last shot as a first shot, sniping as best a Nerf blaster can.

Singled double strike

Aldegar wrote:
Singled double strike

On that I can concur

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