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LiPo Chargers

Hello again.
LiPo chargers are so damn confusing.
First of all, what is the deal with the cheap ones not coming with power supplies, but instead with alligator clips and a bunch of other nonsense.
Second of all, could anyone point me to a cheap charger that works for a 3S battery, located in the UK, with fast shipping, please?
The Dark Kitten

The crock clips are meant to attach to car batteries for portable chargers.
I take your looking at the Blue B6 model. There is a B6AC (alternate current, you'll do that at school) which has a mains adapter. DON'T GET CHEAP ONES they are utter garbage and will end up with a burnt down house. Trust me it is worth putting a few bob into and saving yourself. The B6ac as previously mentioned is worth a go and isn't to bad and will last you. Take a few moments however to read in depth about what you want and what purpose it will hold.

SAFE reliable charger.  and mains PSU. or AC ready charger, no need for PSU. Then there's a totally future proof one that does LiHv as well, again no need for a mains agpdaptor.
Don't buy cheap crap, go for either of those and you will be safe.

The Dark Kitten wrote:
There is a B6AC (alternate current, you'll do that at school)

I know the difference between AC and DC.
AC is where you have three lead where two change the flow of electricity.
BTW, where can I get that one from.

Links to all you need posted. Be sure to buy from the UK WAREHOUSE, not INTERNATIONAL or you will pay import duty on top.
The Dark Kitten

This is where i mentioned to let you read into the topic, but never mind.
The bay would give you a good bargain but with a few costs but to minimize them...
    - Check the reveiws on the item to see who's houses are burnt down
    - Read the description and take note on the photo if the charger is a genuine as with all things there are plenty of fakes

The better option is to go with Hobby Kings charger which is guaranteed a genuine and has valid warrenty.
Link -
Go with the UK warehouse to save cash and postage time.
There are more chargers to go for but this is a safe option and Boff uses it at BSUK for commercial battery charging.

Amazon have this one..
.. which I think is Bsuk recommended one,  but you have to get a specific adapter...;psc=1&smid=A3E9OCWF20SFE9
.. which is another tenner but may work out cheaper and faster,  I don't know what the exchange rate is like at the mo.

I was going to ask everyone if it looked 'kosher'


I've taken the liberty of striking out the link above to emphasise that it's not a 'kosher' charger. Normally mod edits aren't for this sort of thing but my post below details why I've elected to do it this time. The link is retained in its entirety so people know which model to avoid. DO NOT BUY. Minky, sorry to hijack your post mate but this is sort of important. Smile -Boff


Minky, the Amazon link you posted is to a B6 clone. We purchased it out of interest and it's complete crap. It won't charge anything but LiPo (despite having all the options you expect of a B6) and gets unseasonably warm when charging anything bigger than our 1000mAh packs at 1C (more than a 1A charging current).

LordSparrow, for fuck's sake OldNoob already posted the links to the place you need to go. Good LiPo chargers don't come cheap and it's spend a little bit or you could cause some serious harm. If you're not big enough to be taking advice when the leg work is done for you; perhaps you shouldn't be playing with the big boy toys.

OldNoob wrote:
Links to all you need posted.

Thanks ON, once again your wisdom guides me through the hellish depths of internet shopping.

/thread. Topic locked.

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