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Lipo storage charge?

Hi folks, after some help please.

I want to put an 800mAh 3S lipo into storage.
My charger has a storage mode but it defaults to 11.1v even with this selected. Do I need to dial it back to 50% of this?

So, charging amps would be 0.8 and volts set to 5.5, is that right.

One other thing my ballance has 4 wires and a 4 pin plug. But the charger has a 5 pin port, im guessing so it can do 4S. Ports are marked as follows.

  -, 1, 2, 3, 4

Do I plug it in ftom the minus symbol up to pin 3.

Thanks in advance troops.


You don't need to balance charge it. What you want is 3.6v or 3.7v per cell, so 11.1v overall is fine. If it's over that then discharge it a bit until it goes to 11.1.
Ignore the balance lead, use the main battery plug.
If you are charging it for use, set the charge current to 0.8A for a 1s charge then volts to 3s.
Which charger do you have?

Accucel S60,

Cool, so I  dont need to dial it back for storage charge then,


Rab wrote:
Cool, so I dont need to dial it back for storage charge then

Not at all. Remember, the charger is smarter than you are. Well, more bloody minded. Very Happy

No, definitely  smarter 😂

Storage charge has been a controversial issue in the RC community for years. It seems that no one can agree on an appropriate level of charge or whether there is any benefit in doing it anyway.

Different battery manufacturers state different percentages. Charger manufacturers say something else. I've read countless documents on the matter and it seems that the only thing people can agree on is that it's a good idea. It makes sense too.

The general consensus is to store batteries at 60-80% capacity as a rule of thumb. If you really want to get nerdy about it you can check through the battery manufacturers literature but generally speaking it'll be somewhere in that bracket. If in doubt, store them fully charged.

Advice taken from here:

"Storing LiPo's if you don't use them for a while.
- If you have to store LiPo's for an extended period charge the battery up to 3.75 ~ 3.85 volt (the exact "best" voltage for storage differs depending on who you ask) and then keep at 10 to 25 Celsius (put them in a dry basement if you have one - do not put them in a freezer) and dry (don't put them in your fridge , that is a rather humid) environment.
- Storing LiPo's fully charged or discharged is a Bad Idea. Storing them on a hot attic is a Bad Idea. Both will reduce the amount of charge a LiPo can store.
- By storing is meant not using them for several weeks or months.
- A good trick is when done with using them for the day and you do not plan to fly/drive/hoover the next day(s) do not charge up to 4.20 but only charge them (unbalanced) up to 3.80 v , store them like that and then the day before or the day itself you want to use them charge them up to 4.20 using balanced charging."

Hope that helps.

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