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Little people carrying mags

Hi guys,

I've started taking my 11 year old cousin to wars, I sat down with him and we built him a 180 stryfe that he absolutley loves.
Its great but once his flip clip runs out of ammo he may as well be out...

I've tried one of those Nerf vests with the elastic but theyre awful, any movement and the mags drop out.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can equip him with so he can carry a few more mags that isnt going to cost me a small fortune?


Mandatory BSUK post link. They do 12 founds if you ask them nicely.

If you're not looking to spend a lot then duct tape and cardboard work pretty well. Smile

Cargo trousers can hold a few and a bsuk large dump pouch can hold a fair number of clipazines too.
One of the bags shown here would be good, can either carry a few extra mags or loose darts if he wants to use a front loader. If you make the strap adjustable he can extend it as he gets older until he's old enough to get tac gear.

BSUK gear is the gold standard but for a cheapo option theres some stuff on ebay that might do.

Dump pouch

Tactical belt

Single point sling

Not bad for a tenner

If you've got any bum bags lying around those could make on dump pouches for kids, especially if they're running smaller mags. Charity shops are a good source for these too.

I made my son an H harness out of an old school rucksack that the zip broke on, added some 50mm webbing that came with a mattress as packaging,  doubled up into a tactical belt then bought dump pouch and mag holders. Total cost under 30
If you have spare molle pouches then they can easily be used on belt rigs if they have the legs on and BSUK mirandas work very well on belts even if people are small.
I posted a video on a cheap vest rig that fits kids and adults, plus there's pictures of my sons kit in the loadouts thread.
The BSUK battle belt will fit kids, despite not being sold to/for them.

Thanks for the replys guys!

I think I'm going to try some dump pouches as they hole everything and are elasticated - hopefully he can just bung everything he needs in two of those on a belt

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