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load out recommendations


got a Nerf war coming up and at the moment I have a stock modulus 5 18 dart clips and a 35 dart drum.

Am after load out suggestions particularly arround tactical rig/vest and secondary weapons.

was thinking about getting some imr batteries for the modulus and possibly a hammershot. I've looked at the blastersmiths stuff and I reckon it's a bit on the expensive side for what it is.

was looking at one of these as a potential carry alternative

Any thoughts?


daniel k

I made a duct tape rig, can hold 9 mags and a clip for a secondary, see the competition thread for pictures. You want two pouches, one for full mags, one for empty, but the empty one can literally be a plastic bag wrapped in duct tape. Just look online for "DIY Nerf tactical gear" and you will find loads of stuff.
The Dark Kitten

For a later stage in Nerf grab a BSUK battle belt only 30 its a bargin.
Then you can keep adding more too it (hence it is molle)

Post about gearing up for games. If you want to save money and get something simple in a hurry to carry a few mags almost any open top pouch about 10-12" deep will hold them. For scavenging darts a simple carrier bag secured to a belt or belt loop is extremely useful.
BSUK have a lead time, I would buy a double or triple Miranda with Molle mounting first, then make some belt adaptors or buy some from me that way you can fit it to the Molle battle belt later and run it on a regular belt.
If you are less concerned about quality the green or multicam one of these is cheap and has pouches that will fit mags, not as well as a Miranda, but it's also a Molle vest.

British Army S10 Respirator pouches make for glorious affordable dump/utility pouches and are available in a nice neutral black if DPM  doesn't take your fancy.  I've found them to be very flexible and can get two 36 round drums in one.

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