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Loadout Videos

Just putting an idea out there, and wondering what people think. I’m seeing a lot more loadout videos popping up from various Nerf scenes; particularly the Oz scenes. Now, I personally really like these videos, because they give me an insight into many things: the variation in blaster used and the mods people carry out, cool tactical kit that spawns ideas, picking blasters and kit dependent on game types, and just the general mix of different types of people – that last one really helping to show just how diverse Nerf is as a hobby.

So last month I stood in front of UK Foam’s camera, did a little dance, tried to sound knowledgeable about my blaster and kit, and generally made a fool of myself. Thankfully I wasn’t alone in doing it, and a few others joined in too (where’s Boff’s loadout vid?). But even so, looking back at my vid, I realise how unprepared I was to be on camera and talk about my kit.

Which has got me thinking, is it worth scripting these things, or should they just come organically? Having watched a lot of SBNC loadout vids recently, the ones that stand out are the ones where there’s a bit of Q&A going on between cameraman/channel host and the loadout star, as opposed to the kids who stand a mile off looking at the floor while mumbling “This is my Stryfe. I painted it green and put Trustfires in it. That was my loadout.”

So, BritNerf community, what’re your thoughts on loadout videos? Do you enjoy watching them? Do you enjoy starring in them? What can/should be done to make them work? What sort of things should people talk about/what questions should the cameraman ask to prompt discussion?

A few things to get the ball rolling from me….

Idea: Do separate loadout vids for folk that run separate setups (e.g. Elite loadout, Rival loadout, HvZ loadout), rather than people trying to talk about all their kit options in one video.

Idea: Do regular loadout vids of the same people, to see how their setup changes over time.

Idea: Do less “formal” loadout vids, but just walk around the setup room before rounds with a camera in hand, and ask people to talk quickly about their blaster.

Q: How long have you been into Nerf?
Q: What got you into Nerf?
Q: Tell us about the blaster(s) in your loadout.
Q: Tell us about the tactical gear in your loadout.
Q: How is all working for you today?
Q: What’s your next mod/upgrade/planned purchase?

Before anyone points out “Hey Treezy, stop telling others what to do and get your own YouTube channel going”, this is just intended as a discussion point; though the way things are going I’ll be adding a camera to my kit soon enough and pointing it at everyone!

Re: Loadout Videos

Hey Treezy. I just think you should stop telling others what to do and get your own YouTube channel going!

In seriousness, I think it's a great idea! I think they're well worth doing and people do seem to be interested in loadout videos. I think it's something that they do well in Australia and we should try to beat them!

Maybe that could be your "thing" to start off with. Treezy's Loadouts.

I think the reason UK_Foam didn't publish my load out video was because I made one of my bug bears with load out videos and general Nerf interviews clear: you're filming two people talking about stuff not doing a piece to camera. At BB7, I grabbed Dustybin and showed UK_Foam how it should be done and generally taking him to task for refusing to do them properly. I think he took it in good humour but I deliberately didn't engage my "slow down Boff, you're talking to people" feature so mumbled at top speed as I'm want to do so the footage would have been next to unusable.

I think the person to person format is a much better way of doing it so you can demonstrate to another person and talk them through your gear and how it works. They can then ask questions and ask you to go into more detail about things. It becomes a lot easier for those involved because you're talking to a human and not the camera.

Someone grab me at BB8, shake me a little bit and I'll show you how I was taught to do this stuff. (Yes, I'm like a glowstick, you need to activate me before I'm useful particularly after GC weekends).

I see what you're saying Boff, and though I'd argue that you don't actually need two people in front of the camera doing the talking, I definitely feel that some sort of dialogue between the person the camera is focussed on and a second party (cameraman, channel host, a mate) makes for a more enjoyable loadout video.

Justajolt's GuN footage is always great to watch, and even though we don't often see the spider-chap himself, his interactions from behind the camera are what make the videos work (for me at least). Similarly, the chaps from SNBC usually have a host in front of the camera talking to people about their kit, but it’s some of the banter/commentary/questions coming from third parties off camera that is the really entertaining stuff.

I actually shot the first FDT loadout video at our last skate park event but you can hardly hear the wee guy - definitely need a mic but I planned to subtitle it anyway (YouTube likes that apparently) so I'm gonna try and load the audio into Garageband and treat it there.

I just asked:

What's your name?
What's your "gamertag" (as I know he had it on the back of his FDT t shirt)?
What are you running tonight?
What's the best thing about FDT?

It really was a test to see how I would do these and I think that it worked ok apart from the volume. I'll find a mic for the iPhone and go from there.

I would love to do some loadot videos, but they would be in Danish, and im the only one at RNK who have more than a retaliator and a 6 clip in the pocket

I say do it! You've got to start somewhere ^_^ Then you'll get people finding you and you'll have two retals!

Yep, loving this idea.

Always thought MTB'S and Robs at SBNC were pretty good and he had a mic. 😎

Semi scripted with a standard format of a few questions would work well.

If folk have a separate load out for hvz or whatever do a second vid. Looking forward to them.

I do enjoy a good loadout video as it's always good to see what people are upto with their gear and gives you ideas to mess around with. I also don't mind the peice to camera style but also don't mind it inreview style. I think it should be as organic as possible but having a set list of questions could help if you plan to do a lot of them. Might try some at one point.

I personally love loadout videos. It's always interesting to see what people are running with. There are two very important things to remember when doing them though. Things that are often forgotten or overlooked.

Audio. Generally speaking, the camera's built in mic is not good enough. With ambient noise and whatnot, so many loadout videos suffer terribly from this. Even a cheap handheld microphone from eBay is an improvement.

Patter. Generally speaking, people feel uncomfortable being filmed, especially if they are the only one in the frame. An informal interview will help the subject of the video stay on topic and help guide them through the segment. It doesn't have to be an interrogation but a simple "who are you and what have you got" will get things rolling. People tend to either ramble or give very short answers when they're nervous so the interviewer needs to be able to steer the conversation to keep it interesting.

I've often thought about doing loadout videos at events but I have decided not to. Anybody who has met me will tell you, sooner or later I'm going to say something offensive and upset people.

Although, perhaps a 'Parental Advisory' Nerf channel is just what the NIC needs? Hmmmm.

If you want videos that are really useable then use a separate lapel mike on your loadout subject.
I am personally not that bothered but people like them.

I like this idea and would love to be involved!

I too realised while making the below video how stupid you look and feel when you are unprepared for a youtube video, it took about 4 shots to get to this mess!!!

But im sure i could do better and id love to catch some of the loadouts @ DSS so if we nail a standard set of questions we can get Britnerf Loadout vids going from all around the country!

If someone wants to grab me at Mays BB to do a loadout video I am game
UK Foam

Hi all!

I like the Oz  videos too and thought we needed some UK loadouts. I know Tom has done a few.

Unfortunately in the type of job I have I do not really want to appear on camera.

I intend to do more videos but I would like to use my gimbal so I can move around.d whilst having s conversation and wont have to work around stationary tripod.

I saved Boffs loadout till last because I actually think he explained his very well. Saving the best tolerant as it were. I also uploaded them in chronological order.

UK Foam- You need a masked alter ego!

I might try and grab a few today at GUN if anyone is up for it, might try a couple of different styles if I have the time.

Apols if necro, but due to my Go Pro failing to record Rab at last week's FDT @ TP, and only having the audio track from my phone to work with, I tried something a bit different. Rab likes it and I think it's ok so we may do more of this, maybe intersecting with stills of the actual blaster. Just an idea - and the ladies wanted in on the loadout action too so don't take this one too seriously - was good fun to do Smile

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