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The Dark Kitten

Loaner Equipment for Wars.

From running 4 Zhoms I've come to the realisation that in me player department they had struggled when when ckmes to carrying extra magazines and also using a blaster that can hold back zombies, mostly because I have footage of me walking and avoiding modulus fire without any dodging not only this but me, Dusty and Dan had very little difficulty stopping zombies since we had extra magazines. This has lead me to wonder what if all players were born equal with fancy BSUK gear and somewhat of a descent blaster. From this I have concluded (and want opinions on) loaner equipment. From my eyes this simply would be a belt with a mirranda holster from out own BlastersmithsUK which for me would be a very minimal charge for a belt and a holster. Then even to buy a load of EATs and loan them out also.
What do people think? Is this a viable way to "improve" games and give people a "better" chance


Side note : I "" the words above becuase I am confident BG will appear and say 10% gear 90% player

Any loaned tactical equipment will usually walk away with players. Sell some slings cheaply and look at my gear up thread, those bags are handy for entry level players but are not desirable enough to get robbed. Make yours in purple for extra obviousness.
Players don't need tactical gear to get good, they need the motivation if a well run, exciting game. I have some extremely hard to tag players who use nothing fancier than a pistol and darts off the floor. Zhom would work much better inside with its current player base.
Mag fed loaners = jammed blasters broken or discarded.


Also please correct the gibberish in your OP and spelling. I am putting the red box here so you can edit. ON


Loaners are a pain to be frank - to supply, maintain, transport, mark, keep hold of, etc, etc. I'd much rather everyone had their own equipment that they looked after and had responsibility for. The number of abandoned loaner blasters that get picked up during GuN games is too high - kids abandon them when they jam or even run out of darts. Having said that someone abandoned a marked Stryfe at the last event, and we still have a rotofury in the lost property bag!

I appreciate some game organisers think they are obliged to provide this sort of equipment, but in GuN's situation, where the only barrier to entry is physically getting yourself to the venue, expecting a player to turn up with even just a jolt (see what i did there Smile ) is not unreasonable. If you are charging for an event then maybe you might consider operating a different model but it depends on where and how you pitch your experience.

Zohm just needs to focus on providing games that people want to play. If people are happy to turn up and get wrecked by players with higher powered blasters then that's up to them. It certainly hasn't had any detrimental effect on the numbers turning up to GuN.

Loaners need to be kept simple ^_^

Generally its best to avoid handing out loaner blaster that require mags due to the fact that new players won't have extra mags and there's normally more to go wrong if they jam. If I'm lending out blasters I normally stick to barricades, strongarms and hammershots but I understand that most loaners are just blasters that players aren't using for that particular round.

Equipment as loaners is kinda hard given you don't know the player that will be using it also considering most gear will go missing or wear out pretty quickly you don't want anything too pricey. If you do really want to give players gear, I'd suggest just grab some cheap belts preferable with adjustable clamp buckles, then grab mag holders from where ever you can find them cheap (charity shops, army surplus, chinese discount sites, etc.) they don't need to be designed for mags I run an old binocular pouch on my rig which holds buzzbee 8's perfectly but can also hold 12's and 6's.

As for holsters I would think that they'd be necessary for new players, I can fit up to a messenger in standard jean pockets fine or strongarms and hammershots in cargo trousers, unless you had the sweet revenge or sidestrike with their holsters I don't think a separate holster would be necessary though you can find some cheap ones on aliexpress if new players desperately want them.

I'd say just keep doing what your doing already.

You're already organising games and providing darts and blasters thats good enough.

As your events progress hopefully players get more in to it and develop their own gear.

You could always point them to the Nerf sale and trading threads on here.

Keep up the good work 🖒

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