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Hi everyone!

So I have decided to start Nerf parties (got bunkers coming got the blasters and eye pro)
But I am looking at doing a Nerf war in the South East. Now I have spoken to Medway Nerf wars and we are going to work together for this. But we are finding getting a venue is hard.

Can people give me like ideas on venues you have used before for Nerf wars? inside or out up and down the UK.

The idea is  a HvZ war with maybe Missions depending on if the zombies are finding it hard or maybe just too add some PVP competitiveness.
I would also like a safe zone area for  to be able to eat and maybe some vendors/stalls. I have thought about Schools (but they can get funny about people walking around)
We have a few Larges halls around but they are very expensive, the only other idea is like a scout site. But they can get funny using them, So does anyone have any ideas? Sorry if this has been asked before.


Moved to questions, where you can get answers! ON.


Some scout sites are available for the public to use. There are on line resources to help with your search.

For a long HvZ game you are going to need a fairly expansive area i would have thought. More like something you'd play in a park?

I am thinking we may have other games going on during the day, as i don't want a long HvZ game as I can see people not enjoying it if they become a zombie quite early on. But yes a Large space is needed.

I have spoke to some like parks and they have not seemed too keen on the idea.

I would recommend attending some community run games such as Davidovs Saturday Skirmish, GuN or Bristol Blast as all these have a successful formula that contains some of the elements you are looking to achieve. Parks can't stop groups of peopleturning up and playing Nerf, provided you are not behaving in an antisocial way, nothing we would do in games breaches any known bye laws unless specific Nerf/sport/games bans are in place.
Provided you are not running round with something that could be regarded as a "replica firearm" or "barrel air weapon" under UK law you are fine to possess use and carry blasters in a public place, again with the caveat that you are not intimidating or harassing members of the public.
We also call the local Police control via 101 if we are playing in a park, so they know what's going on and give a number to them for the event coordinator.

Pibby wrote:
I can see people not enjoying it if they become a zombie quite early on. But yes a Large space is needed.

Then don't run HvZ. If you're thinking that there's not a parity between humans and zombies in the game then you're missing the point of the game. Becoming a zombie is not losing, it's not 'no fun', it's just a different phase of the game. If you're organising HvZ games you have a responsibility to ensure you understand that central tenet.

If you want an indoor venue then you're going to have to pay for it and charge attendees. If you want to use a public park then just use a public park but inform Plod using the 101 system and make sure no one turns up with stupid full black paint jobs. You might get lucky as the guys at Bristol Blast and GuN did where a local church lets them use the venue for free in exchange for having it as an open community type game.

Like ON said, attend some other events before you commit to this. Hell, even run some free community games in a public park to get your rules and format buttoned down before you drop money on a venue. If you go into it half baked it will be shit.

Being based in Kent also, I relish the idea of another good local event but let's not run before we can walk. A big 'arena' event should be the ultimate goal, but great things start small.

I have been talking to Davidov about ideas. I am hoping to attend some local games to get an idea of what to expect.

The HvZ is just an idea as it sounds quite fun and I have run some other Infection type games (not Nerf) and I find the Zombies do lose interest/get tired so I am looking for some good HvZ rules.

The reason I posted was also to see what the community had to say also and Feedback is always welcome good or bad. I will look into the ones you have mentioned. at the moment its an idea.
Do you have to ask permission from park that have wardens? are they normally an issue?

Play some real community run HvZ, see how our game works. Zombies might get tired later in the day, but only because they have played both sides of the game hard and everyone is tired. Anyone who complains when turned isn't welcome at our games, we either teach them to Zom better or they go somewhere else.
We have some superb techniques for Zombies, from specials to shamblers, players who can run VERY fast or not at all, they all play at the same level in our games.
You do not need permission to gather in a park for a game. If you are charging and promoting it as an "event" then you are at the mercy of your local authoritie's event policy. This often includes a charge and you would have to have Public Liability Insurance (a must for any proper regular event anyway) and a proper event plan etc.
Just turning up like Davidof's event, arsing about, playing a few games, then going home is no different to going out for a kick about. If parky comes over, be polite, explain you are a group of mates with a sensible set of safety rules, playing with kids toys in a public park.

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