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London Mod Party 28/01/17

OK guys and girls, the hall is booked and we are a go!

Freemantle Hall, Bexley. 0900-1700 28th January 2017

Attendees will have the ability to use many of the tools, material and machinery from my own workshop but mainly this will be an opportunity to finish a project or build a new blaster in the company of other like minded individuals. Help will be on hand from myself and other experienced modders should anyone need assistance.

Tools on hand will include: Dremel, band saw, lathe, drill press, soldering/electronics, glue gun along with a variety of other adhesives. As well as all the usual screwdrivers, cutters and whatnot.

There will be a bring-and-buy sale for blasters, materials and parts so feel free to bring anything you want to sell. I will have a good selection of BSUK parts and accessories on sale too.

I will have a chronograph on hand so people can collect data on their builds or if they just want bragging rights on the day.

What will you need to bring?

Essentially you just need yourself. Anyone new to the hobby can rock up, buy a blaster from the pile and then start hacking it up. If you have something you're already working on, bring it along and you can work on it in good company. I'd appreciate it if everybody brought some tools along so we don't end up with a shortage.

Safety glasses.

How do I get there?

The Freemantle Hall,
Bexley High Street,
Bexley Village,

If you're coming by train, Bexley station is less than a 5 minute walk and the hall is right on the highstreet next to the Kings Head pub.

If you're coming by car, there is a small, free car park next to the hall. As you can see from the picture it's pretty snug. If you're worried about being blocked in you might want to go to the Pay and Display car park on Thanet Road (DA5 1AP. ~£1/hr). There is an alleyway linking the car park to the high street. Bexley is a short distance from the A2 via the A223.

Anybody planning to arrive by helicopter will have to make their own arrangements.

There is a small kitchen in the hall but I won't be providing any refreshments beyond some tea bags and squash. I advise people to bring a packed lunch or monies for lunch. The hall is slap bang in the middle of the highstreet so there are plenty of places to go for refreshments.

More information can be found on the hall's website.

Please note that this is not a war and there are no plans to turn it into one. Anybody who wants to go for a skirmish is welcome to take the short walk to the local recreation grounds.

Attendees will be asked to give a donation to help cover the cost of the hall. I don't expect to make any profits but any that is made will be donated to the trust that run the hall.

If you're on Facebook you can subscribe to the event here:


Under 18's will need permission from their parents to attend and will have limited access to the tools and services at the event unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Under 16's will need supervision from a parent/guardian otherwise you'll be refused entry.

Blasters may only be fired in designated testing areas and at static targets. This is not a war so attendees will not be expecting to be shot at. Anyone caught shooting at another attendee (unless it is consensual and safe) and will be asked to leave.

Tools and machinery are potentially dangerous and will be used under supervision. If I do not deem you to be responsible enough to use them then you won't be allowed. Workshop machinery will be operated by myself in the first instance and must not be used without permission. Safety equipment will be provided and must be worn when using the equipment. If you can’t find any, don’t use it.

Power tools and soldering irons must only be used in designated areas. Moving tools to another part of the room is not permitted without authorisation.

Modified electronic blasters are potentially dangerous. If you’re working on one, please check your wiring before connecting to a power source. If you’re not sure, ask.

When you are finished, you will be responsible for tidying your work area. Rubbish will be placed in the bin and tools returned to the appropriate area.

Absolutely no ‘imitation firearms’ will be brought to the event. That means no ‘realistic’ paintjobs whatsoever. If you’re in doubt, leave it at home.

Please be careful and considerate to the public when transporting blasters to and from the venue. We don’t want to attract attention from misunderstanding public. Keep blasters concealed where possible.

It is possible that certain tools/work stations will be in high demand. Please be patient if you find yourself waiting to use a soldering iron or whatnot.
UK Foam

This sounds great! Can't wait!

Hmm..  3 hour train journey around £47..  But I would really like to get down..  Got to um and ah about it a bit,  then inevitably choose yes but have to pay more for the train because I took too long lol

I'll be there, looking forward to it
UK Foam

I will lend a lift to people coming from Bath area

OP Updated. Rules expanded and parking details updated.

It's looking like this event is going to be pretty busy so it's probably best to arrive early if you want one of the free parking spaces.

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabump! (Because I can)

Actually, I have a serious thing to add. UKNW will be selling a bunch of BSUK products on the day. If there's anything specific you'd like that's not tactical equipment or a Rapid-pistol kit, drop it in the list below and I'll see if I can include it in UKNW's box of goodies. You then pay for it on the day and the money goes partly to UKNW to cover the costs of the hall and partly to us because, ya know, we made it.

I make no guarantees and I'll only respond to things listed below, not via PM, email or Discord. Why you ask? Because I'm fucking swamped with work, my memory is shit at the best of times and I will forget. When it comes to the time to send the box off, I will go through this list and see if I can include it. Smile

Highly likely that I'll attend! Looking forward to the Nerfy conversation.


Good luck with this, I know myself and many others are interested to hear how it goes and what can be learnt from it before we setup our own mod parties!

Will do chap. We'll find out Saturday whether I'm blazing a trail or setting fire to a footpath.

Good luck with this, it does sound great but for myself it's a bit of a trek to get there, looking forward to hearing how it went.
Starfalcon Tactical

All the best from the north!
Sounds like a great idea and it would be great if these could become more widespread. have a good time today guys!

The three hour train journey I made each way was definitely worth it,


Morrison wrote:
The three hour train journey I made each way was definitely worth it,


It was greatly appreciated. Good to see you again fella.

Glad it went well, gutted I couldn't make it as I'd planned

What Sparky said. Mother in Laws 60th got in the way unfortunately.

After action report can be found here.

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