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Lonely Glasgow based Nerfer

Anyone know of any wars around Glasgow area?

Only one I know of is FDT in Edinburgh, he posts on here too, I did a writeup a bit back if you want to find out more... He's got an event in early December, I'm probably going to head along, it'd be good to get a few britnerfers together.

There's a bunch of us in Edinburgh though now isn't there, and a couple of others not so far away... I'm a terrible organiser (well; I'm a good starter, I'm a terrible finisher) but I reckon there's enough people just on this forum to do something fun some time, and maybe we could draw in some others... Maybe tap up the uni games societies and the like.

I really don't know how it all works tbh or what a decent small war even looks like, I like meddling with the toys more than I'm into actually shooting people with them but I'd definitely be up for something. [/u]

I'm out Kilmarnock way so not too far away. As Northwind said, FDT is the only organised event I've been to other than one's I have done for my son and his friends. I thought the FDT skatepark event was great fun, there are loads of kids there but there is lots of running about and blasting to be had, looking forward to the next one.

Hi Winatron,

yup you're very welcome to the next Foam Dart Thunder event on Sat 5th Dec just outside Edinburgh. Here's a flavour:

I'd love to run something similar in Glasgow if you can think of a decent venue.

Happy to chat Smile

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