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longshot plunger tube size

Hi all,

does any one have the dimensions of a long shot plunger tube? I'm particularly after the ID and OD

thanks in advance

If you are looking to replace it with tube stock be aware that only chromoly or seamless steel/stainless tube is likely to be available in the required thinner wall thickness. UK plumbing is likewise not suited to this sort of job. Can't help you with dimensions, my LS only just went back together!

Really I just after an idea of the OD. I'v been looking at the expanded plunger tube retaliators. I'v got 3 reckons so thought I would convert them to direct plunger and might as well go for the largest I can fit in them. I will be making my own plunger, catch and sled. Based on some of the stuff the SG boys have been doing.

It's quite possible you won't see much, if any, performance increase from an increased air cylinder volume - if you're not careful it could well perform worse. I've never seen data for a Retal with a Longshot cylinder but a Longshot with a "7kg" OMW spring has been shown to perform significantly worse than a Retaliator with a "5kg" OMW spring both with otherwise standard internals (minus OMW's "stage 1" catch plates and catch springs). Unless you give the Retal a sealed breech it likely won't be able to make use of the additional air volume, since the dart will likely exit the barrel before the piston has completed it's stroke, and you'll lose the potential benefit's of the Retal's tapered bore.

I'v been looking at sealed breeches, and barrel lengths. Just trying to get a rough idea on the max OD that will fit in the shell. The id is less important as I will machine the plunger head to fit. All parts are being CADed, 3D printed to test fit then machined from ali.

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