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Longshot PVC Pump grip

Hi guys

I've just finished building a PVC pump grip for a Longshot - big thanks to Justajolt for letting me borrow his Longshot so I could get the measurements right!

One of the older kids at WolfPack has been asking me for advice as hes started getting into modding, hes done the basic upgrades to his longshot such as a higher spring load etc.
Of course he then struggled to prime the blaster with the stock handle.

I reccomended a pump grip but obviously price was an issue so I figured, why don't I just make one for him out of PVC?

Total price? About 5 of PVC along with a couple of other bits I had lying around!

I based this on the Mod Works Singapore guide and it turned out pretty good!

Its not the most comfortable thing ever and I can't see it being super strong for mega high spring loads but thats not what its intended for.

Hopefully it works well for Kai and makes his loongshot more practical!

Thanks for looking!

That's genius! A simple, easy, and affordable solution; I like this a lot.

*Adds Longshot Pump mod to growing list of projects*

That looks excellent. I tried to make something like that a few years ago but it wasn't half as neat and purposeful looking as that one. Good job.

That looks excellent. Where did you source the carbon fibre effect pipe from?

I could possibly wrap some piping in carbon fibre epoxy which was something I was considering a while ago for something similar. It adds little in stiffness but in the looks and for grip it is great!

I was actually considering wrapping a whole blaster Tediore style Wink

If you could link the guide or write your own for this slide that would be great (because I am lazy and I like reading mod guides for simple stuff)!

Haha it's not that high tech!

It's literally just PVC with carbon fibre vinyl wrap on it to make it look a bit better

Writeup done!


Materials List:
- 68mm Black Roundline Downpipe PVC (available at Wickes)
- 21.5mm PVC (available at B&Q)
- M4 threaded rod
- 6x M4 Nylock nuts
- 12x M4 nuts
- Carbon fibre vinyl wrap (optional, cosmetic)
- 1mm black plasticard (optional, cosmetic)
- 6mm Air hose

To make the pump handle, cut down the 68mm PVC to a 10cm length. Next slice it vertically down the centre (make sure this is straight or your grip will be at an angle).
At this stage the pump wont fit over the bipod lugs, two options are available - cut off the lugs or shape the PVC to fit over them.

To shape the PVC, fill a bowl with hot boiling water and drop your PVC in - it will go soft FAST, I left it in there for about 4 seconds!
Take it out the water and slide / shape it onto the front of the blaster - this is hard to explain how to do but not hard in practice, it will 'set' very quickly again so make sure to be quick!
(Please be careful when doing this part, boiling water is hot, duh! I wore washing up gloves so I could quickly fish it out and handle it without burning myself)

Now on either side of the central slice, cut out a slot that is 1cm (width) x 5cm (length), this will create the rear of the grip allowing it to slide over the raised parts of the body.

To make the pump arms, cut two 34cm lengths of 21.5mm PVC as well as two smaller 16mm lengths.
Take the two 16mm lengths (these will be your spacers to keep the arms out from the body) and carve out two U shapes on each so they fit round the arms snugly - this may take several attempts to get right, do NOT use clippers to do this, the PVC will just crack / shatter.

It was at this point I vinyl wrapped the pump arms, spacers and pump handle.

Line the spacers up with the end of the pump arms and mark the outline with a pencil, then cut the circle of vinyly wrap off inside the circle.

Now to attach the spacers to the arms, to do so I tacked them on using super glue then filled the gaps inside with 2 part epoxy for a secure fix.

Next to cut your M4 rod legnths, you will need 4x 45mm lengths and 1x 116mm lenth.

This is where stuff gets a little less precise... I was ill whilst building this and the thought of going into the garage to drill / dremmel wasnt very appealing so I bored out all the holes with a craft knife...

Drill holes through the spacer end of the arms to allow the 116mm length of M4 rod to pass through both arms and the bolt sled. With this roughly attached you can now line up the ams with the pump and drill holes to attach them together (make sure the holes are behind the bipod lugs, else they'll get caught)

To attach everything together, thread the rod through the arms with a Nylock nut on the end, then on the other side add an M4 nut, a 7mm length of air hose (this is just a spacer, anything can be used, even more nuts!) then another nut before putting it through the pump and then another nut to secure it in place!

At this point with everything attached together, cut out some discs of 1mm plasticard to cap the ends of the arms off and secure them in place with super glue.
(I actually did this at the beginning then regretted it massivley as it was very hard to get the swarf out)

And as if by magic, your super cheap and cheerful PVC pump grip is done!
Obviously the vinyl wrap can be replaced with anything you like, It was just what I had in the cupboard!

I think thats everything, if i've missed anything out then let me know

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