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Look North

For anybody in Yorkshire keep an eye out for me on look north tomorrow 😎

Oooh! Are you famous?

What's the story?

It's the final day of the 3 counties on 3 legs challenge for Sport Relief,  Look North presenters Harry and Paul finish they're journey in York today. As Guinness world record holders for the longest distance running 3 legged in 24hr my mate and I have been working with the guys to get them through.

Nice one Rab - texted in the 3 donation this morning.

When did you break the record and how far did you get?

I was there when they came into Otley on Tuesday evening. Harry looked half dead, his knee was that bad.

They still managed to walk at pretty much the same speed as me As I left work as they were about hundred metres away and only got into the market place a minute or two ahead of them

We got the GWR back in 2013 , 68.23 miles in 24hr.
Pity it didn't tie in with a grim up north weekend.

If we'd have known in advance, i'm sure we could have arranged something, even if it was an informal run around roundhay park

I'm curious, are you ex military? The only people i've seen stand that straight when being interviewed are soldiers.

Nope , unless the Tartan army counts 😆
Was a brilliant wee adventure for us and the guys have done amazing raising so much cash for charity.

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