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So, reading through the the posts on the leaked blasters it struck me the variety of views on the look of them, I mean some people seem to like the Dreadbolt! (You know who you are..)  Anyway, figured a quick poll was in order to see how out of joint my views are with the BritNerf concensus.

Just to remind you,  this is what you're voting on:



The Judge:


Void Caster:

The Dark Kitten

Void caster indefinably! Such a sleek and beautiful design and its not just because im partial to purple it genuinely looks pretty and slim line.
For cosplay its a perfect sidearm and for nerfing application its just a nice blaster to own and show off

Needs the option "none, I have a Stryfe/RS/Retal/EAT" adding to the poll. Nemesis is about the only interesting option.

Stick me down for The Judge, with a void caster secondary

Honestly the Twincaster is the only one I don't think looks awesome. And I still want it, I just think it looks awkward.

My top 3 would be:

1. Dreadbolt because it looks awesome, and it's an actual crossbow
2. Raptorstike because #sniperstatus
3. Judge because it's massive and stupid

In that order too. It's not just about war practical, because none of these are, but the fun factor is what sells it for me for a lot of blasters, coupled with the aesthetics. I mean c'mon, I tired modding a frikkin' Centurion because I wanted to be an awesome sniper.

Damn, sorry ON. I had forgotten the Nemesis..  Not pretty though.. It's like a rapid fire popcorn dispenser.

Treezy... Treezy, Treezy, Treezy Dreadbolt? No. Noooo! No...... No.

For the record I'd go with..
1. Void Caster - its a damn beam weapon. It be sweet.
2. Raptorstrike - it may be a tad too long but I haven't seen those sharp lines on any other blaster. Screams some kind of integration to bring it into the the master race.
3. The Judge - it may be a tad too big but it looks like the front end of that Mustang fighter plane,  like a big grunts engine of destruction.
4. Twinshock - bread and butter aesthetics..  Obviously like a Roughcut but without its curves but pretty much aesthetically neutral for me.
5. Regulator - apart from the vents on the magwell I really can't care about it at all.
6. Dreadbolt -.. It's just another crossbow type. Lazy. Why not do something different like a double flip over crossbow? Why not just try anything apart from 'well Darryl from Walking Dead has a crossbow so let's a million crossbows!' crossbows are cool, but give them a bit more imagination. Please.

.. And of course I am always right lol

Minky: I figure everyone's gotta have at least one string powered bow in their arsenal, just like everyone has to own a Mega blaster. Isn't it in The Big Nerf Rulebook somewhere? I'm sure I read it in there. It was just after the bit about being banned from getting rid of any Deploys you own, but before the chapter on Trustfires and H&S.

For me its the regulator, purely because I want to see the IR integration for burst control, and how robust it will be to hiking the juice up to 3s.

But other than that it's the Nemesis that I'm mostly interested in.

The Regulator for me. I really like the design of the blaster, it's going to be interesting seeing how we can manipulate the firing functions.  

And, also keen on the Void - reminds me of Halo.

Yes Treezy. You are correct. The best form of correct. However I thought in 'the rebelle amendment 2015' a sub clause was put in about how it should a Gaurdian Crossbow.. Possibly with the stock and arms removed?

Dazzle- you're are looking to function but this is about form. I mean how would you describe the looks of the Regulator? All I can come up with is 'blurred lines* Stryfe, with batt tray cover/horizontal handgrip put (uselessly) between trigger and mag well and fore section that looks very much like the molds from the the fore section of the Modulus and the Recon Mk2's barrel attachment made a baby' it's 'meh' it's not menacing like an RS, daft like a HF, or pretty like a RR. Just 'meh'. With it's tech, and if it works, it could become as popular as the RS for non-modders, but it will never have it's character. I'm probably going to bypass this one and wait for a reshell..

*possibly bad description.. I don't think it has the depth of character to be massively sexist.

The only one I am really interested in is the dreadbolt.

For me it is The Judge.  It's enormous.  It's huge.  Yes I'm overcompensating.  I just like large and unwieldy blasters.

Don't talk to me about the regulator.  Hasbro are dead to me.

Till Hasbruh make a decent DC-15A clone trooper rifle, it's gonna have to be the raptorstrike for me.

NewportNerfer113 wrote:
For me it is The Judge.  It's enormous.  It's huge.  Yes I'm overcompensating.  I just like large and unwieldy blasters.

I second that. I've always been about overcompensating, and I don't intend to stop now! I know that their are some imperfections to the design, like the small handle, for example, but I just can't bring myself to hate it.

I will admit that the Raptorstrike also looks pretty awesome as well. Maybe It could build on the Centurion tried to be, however, I am a bit sad it doesn't fire MEGA. Still, I can't have everything, I'll settle for this beauty Smile

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