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Making a Fake Heart

One of the first events that occurs annually when the students return to my area is a night out with a zombie theme and, while many put little effort into their costumes, I don't like to do things poorly.
I am hoping, this year, to go as an undead angel with bloodstained wings and an exposed heart.

The wings, while time consuming, should not prove an issue and I will be using a set of off branded chalk dust darts to make sure the holes in them are realistically placed.
The heart, however, is posing more of a problem. I feel that it should be visibly beating but can find nothing that pulses in such a manner. Do any of you have any, tips, ticks or ideas that might help?

I have till September but prefer not to be rushed by deadlines.

Easy peasy.

Get a thick latex balloon, a length of hose and one of these.

Attach one end of the hose to the balloon, run it down your sleeve and attach the other end to the bulb. Then all you need to do is squeeze the bulb to make the 'heart' pump.

You van then paint the balloon to make it look realistically gory. Wrap the balloon in some purple elastic bands to make veins and you're laughing.

I've seen that method posted many places, often even adding ways to get a realistic shape from the balloon but not one of them addresses the obvious problem. I have to be squeezing it, at a set rate, all night long.

I was hoping for a more automated answer.

Cheapest way I know how.

Cheap smartphone case, stick it to the inside of your costume with the screen showing through a hole. Play a beating heart video on loop.

I did this for a Halloween costume a few years ago and it went down a storm.


Or if you want to be super creepy, A real pigs heart and a Slendertone machine. I did this on a movie once and it was super creepy.

Rubber heart + Slow speed motor + off centre wheel = Automated beating heart. Use a 9v battery and it'll run for 40 lifetimes - or something big for 20 minutes Razz

UKNerfWar wrote:
Or if you want to be super creepy, A real pigs heart and a Slendertone machine. I did this on a movie once and it was super creepy.

And, if you jump the voltage on the slendertone enough, you'll have cooked bacon by the end of the night!

Very Happy  Laughing

Slendertone idea is fabulous just don't attach the electrodes to your thighs or you will end up high kicking your way down the street.

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