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Massive blasters

Ive been enjoying watching the toy fair vids,

But so far ive noticed all the Nerf blasters ive seen are big, I mean really big.

Dreadbolt - big

Twinshock - massive

Regulator - aye, pretty big

Raptorstrike, yep she's a long one.

The Judge - Mahoosive

Dude perfect bow, - nearly full size!

Not saying its a bad thing, looks like we're getting grown up toys now.

Based Rail Shot looks a good size, too.

That Judge looks comedy big Very Happy

bigal123 wrote:
That Judge looks comedy big Very Happy

I was hoping it would be big, then I saw it and thought, "wow thats a bit big"

Cant wait to see how it performs, mind you a 2nd spam cannon might actually be more use.

Bonus points to whoever mods one with a propeller on the front,  stubby wings on the side,  and cockpit on top,  First!

I just want to see a photo of an average 10 year old running around with The Judge at a Nerf war, looks like the blaster would be bigger than them.

I think we've got some good videos brewing from these...

When I saw the Mastodon I did have a chuckle but it seems that way that Hasbro is going with their Nerf guns!
To be honest, you can get just as good performance out of the RotoFury (and you don't need batteries). There is a pretty good overview of a few of them here:

They're not any madder than a vulcan, mind, or a Centurion for the rifles (I'm assuming the judge is going to be 9/10ths empty space so should still be easy to heft)

I don't have much of a problem with their size. Rather, I'm pretty glad. We need more big blasters for big people.

especially when your arms are the length of the golden gate bridge

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