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I really like the white and orange on the strife and rough cut don't really want to paint it... also the rough cut it's mint feel bad chopping the handle off 😖


You don't have to use a roughcut, you know. There are a few other options. Preferrably something smart AR or internal magazine, but with slamfire.

Buy a Nerf to Nerf connector or two from Blasterparts or a cheaper pair off eBay, then you can leave it all stock and just unbolt it.

Yes that's my plan but the rough cut andle will still be in the way right


Not if you never want to change the magazine or if you use a massively long barrel like an LSK one.
Forgot about that pesky vertical mag. Don't worry, if you change your mind about the masterkeyyou can make a tactical Roughcut with a proper pistol grip out of it.

Is there any way of modding it so that the mag feeds in from the top? Or is that an exceptional amount of work...

You use a Raider mag well. UKNerfwar made a "Bren Gun" Stryfe like that. Looks cool but mag blocks sighting down the blaster easily.
Masterkeys are not as good as a decent holster or proper reload drill IMO in the event your primary runs dry.

I bet that would look amazing with a banana mag!

It does.

First version



Shocked  That. Is. Epic.  Razz
The Dark Kitten

TommyC wrote:
Shocked That. Is. Epic. Razz

Cannot agree more

Great now i have an inferiority complex lol.....
No that looks amazing

I went for the Masterkey as i got a stryfe in that argos deal so thought i might aswell do something with it as it had literally been sat in my shed since the day i got it.
The Roughcut was only 7 on Flee bay came with some tagger darts too

Don't be put off Dabrad, I did a masterkey mod for my rayven. I like the looks and it works ok in the inter-office lunchtime Nerf battles at work Very Happy

Master key flywheel may also be good for something like fdt...

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