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May the 4th be with you

Well. Title says it all really.

Am I the only person that doesn't like Star Wars, I only like Star Trek (not the new movies, those where even worse that Star Wars, thanks J.J Abrams).
daniel k


The 4orce is strong with this one

I love me some star wars, but i'm not one of those weird single sci fi series geeks, I used to be a trekkie (upto about half way thru voyager), i'm a browncoat etc

And star wars let's me embrace one of my other big geekdoms, role-playing games. I recently published an 85+ page sourcebook on a single tatooine city...

The 4orce is strong with this one

star wars, star trek, stargate, stars in their eyes? Love 'em all. (i am aware that one of these things is not like the others)


Watch out for the Revenge of the Fifth.

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