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Mega darts, free to good home.

I've 38 mega darts that have seen either very light use or to be honest most have never been fired at all as they came with the blasters I've rebarrelled.

I dont want anything for them and I'll cover the postage but I'd prefer if they end up with a game organiser for community use.

So if you use megas at your war, give me a shoutand they're yours.

Yes please for grim up Nerf!

If that's OK I'll PM you an address.


Yeah cool, OMN, ping me a pm with the address and ill get them sent off.
UK Foam

Damn! I was going to say we are looking for some to start of the Bristol Blast Nerf bin too!

Go on then. If Bristol blast want them that's fine. We already have some to use.

Ok,  very sporting Old man Nerf, 👏
theres not enough to be worth splitting them so if someone from Bristol blast PM's me address I'll send them out.

Thank you Rab that's very kind of you to donate these, they are going to a very good cause.

Thank you very much OMN, we currently have a few Mega darts donated by ON during BB4 but not many. We will be buying more with the cash from BB5!

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