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Mega darts

I know we have a few sources for Koosh darts, and push come to expensive shove, there's a few deals on elite darts now and again.

Is there any similar sources for decent mega darts, or are we stuck to Hasbro only?

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My thoughts as well, been meaning to take a punt on one of the shonky Chinese options on ebay and see what the results are like.

Appreciate that they are not well loved as a "serious" option over elite/koosh, but they are a lot of fun and as a larper I have an interest they tend to be used to represent different (more potent) ammunition types. What with the Mastodon, it would be nice to be able to spaff a hundred of the things into the bushes without saying goodbye to the better part of fifty quid.

Shonkey Chinese MEGAs are OK. I've bought several hundred over the years and they all seem to be the same type regardless of the seller. Foam is a touch flimsy and the tips are slightly stiffer vinyl but they're pretty good. The only issue is the glue that secures the tips. Roughly 1/10 comes away easily but that's a pretty simple fix. My Mastodon rips the heads off maybe 3/10 so now I sort through them thoroughly when they arrive and make a box of fixer-uppers.

Generally speaking, they're passable. Not Koosh quality but good enough for shits and giggles.

Yep, similiar with the copies for me. The other downside is a lot of sellers ship them in envelopes, and they're even more vulnerable to squashing then standard darts, so every time i buy any I end up chasing for refunds etc- I had one delivery of 30 that didn't have a single dart survive. But they do the job.

I'm not sure it's so much the glue, as the small contact patch- I gave up on POR with these, I had a lot of failed joins but ca glue seems more effective.

good info, cheers gents.

I had the same issue with squished darts as north wind.

Speaking to Mr crane (feel like I'm in reservoir dogs) he said his larger batches (100+?) came in boxes which meant a much better survival rate.

I just buy cheap eBay packs when they come up.

The Chinese ones I've picked up for GuN have performed equally in terms of distance, but so tend to de-head very easily. Same issue with  as others have found, though putting them on the lasergnomes mega shell for a while fixes that!

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