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Mega Double Breach now listed by TRU!

Mega Double Breach now listed by TRU!

That is, if you can't wait for that other big mega shotgun that's coming our way in 2018!

I'm staying away from the Double Breach, but that Mega 2x5 looks interesting. Imagine what it'd be like with an upgraded spring and if the barrels were brassed for Elites (without fouling the AR mechanism)? Potentially a Nerf shotgun with actual stopping power!

How will you be able to both depress the AR and have a smaller barrel, given that an elite fits INSIDE a mega dart?

I'm imagining a thinner bore tube inside the standard mega tubing that doesn't extend the full length of the dart tube i.e. all the way to the bottom. You'd be able to push an Elite dart inside the thinner bore tube, until it hits the AR system and opens the valve.

This is of course assuming that the AR is placed in such a manner that it can be depressed by a skinnier Elite. If it's not, then I'm out of ideas!

Maybe you could modify the AR, add a central prong in the middle of the usual 3 (if mega ARs are the same as normal ones) thought about doing something  similar with a double strike.

Only reason I want this is to paint it up for prop shotgun for my Judge Dredd Costume Very Happy

I will definitely wait for the double shock... 10 mega darts of Nerf goodness!

I am so glad this double breach thing is not all we are getting as a mega shotgun it is so disapointing.. two bigshots strapped in a great big useless ugly case!

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