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Mega double breech

This popped up on my you tube feed thing,

Fair play to the wee dude for getting hold of one and reviewing it, looks garbage though, not even worth a rebarrell.

Unicorns every where breath a sigh of relief 🦄

Meanwhile the Centurion breathes a sigh of relief at no longer being the worst Mega on the market...

There's a lot of hate in the comments. Jelly babies, I think.

He's done massively well to get it and review it. First one on YouTube?

When I see these videos, I am sorry that I dont live in china just because that the they can get these early.
Anyway, I think it is a knock off some other company made in order to sell them 'Early'

Shame, I was hoping this would be better, a mega shotgun would have been fun but this just looks massive and useless, it has nothing over a rotofury. A proper mega shotgun would have been fun for HvZ rounds Very Happy

I'm holding onto a glimmer of hope that the kid got a duff one and its going to have a dual stage stage ala the roughcut.

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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