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Mega Nerf

Hello everyone.

I'm looking to start a Mega Nerf collection and start buying blasters that take HUGE bullets, is there a big market for it and is there much modifications you can do?

Any help is welcome

The Dark Kitten

Well mega darts are good for certain purposes like special rounds and "boss" zombies.
Mod wise you for standart darts!
Then the standard upgrade spring mods
Some blasters are good under barrel but in reality they are a bit of a pain

They are just fun - a whistling mega dart flying across the room using a high spring rate mega blaster is music to my ears Smile

I can vouch for the worker inserts for the front loading mega blasters. They work just fine and give you the flexibility to shoot megas or elites if you change your mind.

I'm a big fan of the mega line, partly for the whistling, which like OldManNerf says, is a wonderful sound during a war, but also for the sheer physical act of priming an upgraded spring rotofury etc.

A couple of people (rab, franksie) have done tactical rotofury mods: spring upgrade, tax rails, stock attachment block, and often a cut away of the sheep to reduce hand hitting plastic when priming.

The big shock is like a big jolt, and can take a spring upgrade. I'm using one of Boff's secret roughcut springs in mine coupled with the stock one for a massive power increase

Cyclone shock stock can be doubled with ate or retal upgrade springs.

I love mega blasters, but they need a re-barrel 😎

MEGA blasters are not massively war practical but they're about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. There isn't a single blaster in the MEGA line that doesn't make you grin like an idiot.

Anybody that can't find the joy in them is dead inside.

UKNerfWar wrote:
MEGA blasters are not massively war practical but they're about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

Thank you for that comment, thats made my day!

Don't encourage him...

Even I own 4 mega blasters. Just remember every time you rebarrel one a unicorn dies. Fact.

ON, I stole that for my signature. I own a bigshock for that reason, the sound is awesome!

All you guys with your little mega darts, my Big Salvos arrived  Cool Shooting anything smaller than a hot dog will never be the same again
The Dark Kitten

Right if people all have secret crushes for mega Zhom will soon be having a mega dart pool many thanks to Kraig.
So there we go kids bring mega to Manchester...Hmm i have a name idea now[/u]

You can keep your salvos and my mega darts - my eBay purchased buzzbee berserker just turned up and this bad boy fires rockets that light up - much excitement in our house this evening Smile

Those rockets are great fun. If you want more Buzz Bee sell them as a spare part through their US customer service dept, they do ship to the UK as well.
Mega is just great fun to use, grey trigger is awful though. I wish we had full power but at least the mod springs are easy to get.

Not so guilty pleasure

I have to say the mega line is a guilty pleasure.. and given that Nerf are toys that are a guilty pleasure for adults.. This means double fun!!

Cyclone shock is a hand cannon and is a joy to prime and fire it was also I admit my first Nerf gun. Pretty much a CS grenade canister launcher.. but for foam whistling goodness!

I have a Magnus which will end up cut down and underslung on my rapidstrike at some point.

Centurion looks awesome and can make you giddy like a little kid again waving it about, but it fires poorly and is a rip off for the price. I have picked a few local second hand ones up for almost pennies.

Keep an eye out for megas as they don't sell well and they are very large, something retailers don't like, so you can often pick up a sale bargain!

Well, I just picked up a Mastodon and I have fired it with both my clothes on and off, and can attest to it being a tremendous amount of fun...

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