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Mega-Singled Strike

Realising that I wouldn't get any feedback with just the WIP image post I'm throwing my Mega-SStrike here in case people have a gem of wisdom and so I can add to my progress as I go.

My to do list;

1-Hot glue EVERYTHING! plunger head, deadspace in barrel
2-Clean up the front end (gaps in shell from reshaping the gap
3-Close up that annoying gap that doublestrikes over-cock into
4-Remove Nerf and instructions etc from shell
8-Paint it up, lube it up, throw it back together and wrap handle

and my maybe list
5-Fill in some of the details on the shell
6-Replace the handle with a larger one
7-Make it gold and shiny (this is a piece of bling for a Larp character who can't use anything bigger)

Looks interesting, but make sure you throw some orange on that tip ASAP!! It'd be super easy to see the glint of the pipe and assume it's a gun. Ideally, paint/otherwise mark the whole barrel a nice neon color.

Different rules here in the UK, Scouts. Smile If it's for use on private land and is transported correctly it's fine. The main blaster is actually more than 50% bright colours which is the cut-off for imitation firearms in the UK.

Yup, this won't be looking like a toy when I'm done with it; but there isn't any issue with that here that I need to be concerned with so all is well.

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