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Meishel Vs Rhino (2s Vs 3s)

Ok, so my Desolator is going to get used as my primary war blaster, and I'm looking at doing some upgrades. Quicker spin up times are going to be high on the priority list, with FPS a second consideration, as long as it'll consistently shoot over 100fps (currently with 3x IMRs and a rewire on stock motors it will peak over 115fps, but the spread is anywhere from 85fps upwards).

I'm running a standard cage and will be fitting some Hooligan flywheels to some new motors.

But which motors to go for....

180 are out as I don't want to cut the shell. Initially I planned to run Rhinos and a 3s pack, and do some fancy cutting inside the dead space of the stock to squeeze the 3s in. But now I'm having thoughts about the higher torque Meishels and a smaller 2s pack. I know the Meishels should spin up quicker due to their higher torque, but with the lower voltage 2s will they have enough max RPM to consistently hit >100fps?

Looking to the future, there's a Stryfe build happening in the background that will have Artifact red cage, and either Worker or Hooligan wheels fitted. Again, I don't want to chop the shell (because reasons), so will only be running 130s, but I'm planning to fit a Jase3D battery tray expander. Can the Meishels be run on a 3s for a higher max fps, or it it going to kill them pretty quickly? Spin up speed is less important than max fps on this one, so would Rhinos and a 3s be the best bet?

Re: Meishel Vs Rhino (2s Vs 3s)

The recommended voltage of a motor doesn't tell you anything about the motor speed. In fact Meishel 2.0 motors on 2S have approximately the same no-load speed as Rhino motors on 3S (and, due to the greater stall torque figure, should actually maintain a higher speed under a given load - specs listed here). The downside of 2S motors, and especially high-torque 2S motors like the Meishel 2.0, is the greater current requirements compared to that of an equivalent 3S motor (in this case more than twice the stall current of a Rhino). Since a pair of motors that demand more current require a higher capacity and/or higher discharge pack you may find the difference in size between a 2S pack suitable for Meishel 2.0s and a 3S pack suitable for Rhinos to be negligible (the 2S pack may even be slightly larger).

That said, all else being equal, the Meishel 2.0 should be the better flywheel motor given the 60% higher stall torque spec (the Mabuchi FK180SH-3240 stall torque spec is only 20% greater than that of the Meishel 2.0). If you can fit an appropriately rated pack, that has enough capacity, into the space you have then that'd be the way I'd go.

Running the Meishel 2.0s on 3S will increase their no-load speed to almost 50kRPM but, in all but the most extreme cases (i.e. very high crush/multi-stage setups), will actually do very little to further improve velocity as both the Rhino and Meishel 2.0 already spin fast enough at their respective recommended voltages to achieve close to maximum velocity from most standard single-stage setups.

Meishel tells me DO NOT RUN HER MOTORS ON 3S. They are not designed to do so and will burn out.
Her testing indicates consistent 110-120fps shots in a Rapid Red on STOCK WHEELS, so you will have no problems with hitting 100.

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