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So in haste I got the wrong microswitch from ebay (I ended up with a DC3 instead of a DC2),

I was looking to get a DC2C-A1LB which I have used before but seem to be having trouble getting hold of in small quantities (I ended up with a DC3C-A1LB which is no good as its only rated at 100 mA). Trying to find the DC2 switch without having to order upwards of 15 or pay 15 shipping from the UK is proving quite hard.

Are there any other similar micro switches out there that would do the job? I quite like the DC2 as the holes in them are just about the right size to pop a standard shell screw through. (having said this I can find the long lever version of the DC2 no problem, would be good to know of alternatives however just incase the long lever version (the DC2C-A1LC) runs dry.

I know that this should all become less significant when using a FET system but im only going for a 2s on stock motors.

Thanks for any help


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BSUK sells individual DC2s with a cut-down lever (which is easy to remove if you prefer them without) and postage shouldn't be much more than a quid even if you buy a few at once. Otherwise the Omron SS10 is a very good alternative.

As an aside I would recommend swapping in a pair of carbon brush packs from a pair of donor FC130 motors if you'll be running this setup for a while. The stamped copper brushes won't last long at much above stock voltage/current and, if you're running a Stryfe or other semi-auto, will allow you to run the motors at 3S without issue (the sweet-spot voltage for performance with stock semi-auto motors).

Thanks for the information, I will get some carbon brushes from a pair of cheap carbon brushed motors while I wait for the MTB rhino to be available again.

Cherry have been making the current switch for a very long time, there's a reason we use it in lots of builds, it's very unlikely to stop being available. RS Components and Farnell both sell them. I never waste time buying switches off ebay or Amazon.
An IRFz44n mosfet is actually less than a DC2 to buy, and about the same if you include an IN5400 series diode and 10k resistor. All can be bought from Bright Components on ebay in small quantities and this method saves time vs the old way as well as being able to handle any motor except Wolverines.

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