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Minimised RapidStrikeCS-18

Ever since first rolling bits of card around my E-Fest batteries to get them to fit into a RapidStrike's C size battery tray (before I thought of simply buying some size converters [which don't seem to fit quite right anyway {bracket overkill}]), I've liked Nerf's first magazine-fed fully-automatic flywheel blaster (please correct me if wrong). Not as much as my Jolt or Rayven, but enough to enjoy spraying  the contents of a 35-Dart drum around the front room every now and then for my two year-old daughter to scurry after.

Inspired by Youtube videos, this is my first minimisation of any blaster, marginally out-favouring the chopping up of a Lawbringer I've had sitting around awaiting a similar fate.

It's not radical by minimisation standards, or particularly pretty, but worth a share.

The front is covered with a piece of cardboard cut to size and covered with duct tape! The there is a tab in the bottom with a friction fit and this, along with the muzzle of the blaster, keeps it in place.

Its conservative length allows four AA size batteries to be stowed in the (smaller) original battery compartment.

The small muzzle is a chopped-up piece of old, yellow AT barrel. I heard that these work better with Koosh darts than newer barrels because the "rifling" (spiral on the inside which in real fire-arms causes the projectile to spin, making it more stable - see an old James Bond intro for clarification!) snags the Koosh bobbles.

One final advantage of a slighly longer minimised length is preservation of side rails for things like this:

But that's another thread!

This blaster could be a fantastic secondary for mindless room-sweeping, or a fun primary with a melee weapon if I ever wanted to feel like a Space Marine squad leader.

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