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Minimized Apollo

So i love the Apollo. It's comfortable for big handed fella's like me, packs a punch straight out of the box, and inserting mags in the handle is 'bad-ass' as my kids might say....

What i don't like are the cheesy gears that managed to shear with the slightest provocation.

So i was left with a broken Apollo that needed something doing to it. As i plan on buying a Nemesis when they are released i wanted a holster-able side arm to make up a Rivals load out. So i took apart the Apollo to see what i could do with it.

First off i added some return springs at the front of the blaster and shaved down 'the Claw'. Putting a cover over the slot the claw runs through means i now have a nicer looking flat topped blaster.

Then i hacked away at the gear box taking this back as far as i could whilst still leaving in some structural integrity.

Finally i chopped out roughly 2" of shell and reattached the end of the blaster to keep it looking reasonably stock.

To prime the blaster you now pull the draw which directly pulls the plunger out. Once this has locked in position the return springs and the cord threaded through the blaster pull the 'handle' back towards the body of the blaster to close the breech. The priming handle 'runs' on the plunger and was made by sandwiching plastic board both sides of the plunger. This may need a screw for more strength in the future.

For comparison here's a team blue (boooo!) next to the team red (hurrah!) version. It was a compact blaster before, which has only got even smaller.


Looks nice (shame it's not in blue), did yours start off with a jam button/switch and have you got anything ready in case of jams now?

Neither of my Apollos have that jam lever and (touch wood) neither of them have had jams yet.....

Jams tend to happen in the breach loading position if you try to fire too fast/ not fully prime with return springs.

I find that a long screwdriver in via the mag well gets them out easy with no harm to the gun or ball.

Tends to happen allot with the softer kind of knock off Rival Balls and especially when shooting zombies.. Wink

I find removing all the locks in the gear system allows you to just re-prime if there's a jam. It'll feed a second round into the firing chamber, pushing the first round out the way. When fired it'll usually fire 2 rounds pretty well, though obviously not at full power, so you can use this double prime if you want a handy tactical shotgun shot.

In fact, without the locks in you can just keep re-priming again and again, adding more rounds into the chamber. Though it won't so much as fire the rounds; just dribble them onto the floor out of the barrel.

Have definitely found that priming too fast doesn't always allow for a round to be loaded. Haven't actually had a jam from this yet, just dry firing, but then I do tend to try and always load only the firmer rounds.

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