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Missile power

So I had the idea of building some kind of multi rocket launching bazookafied missile thingy.

So ive started to get together some suitable blaster for the project, one of these being the lanard sonic bazooka. An air powered pistol sized rocket launcher that fires some big whistler style rockets.

Being that I'm going to use this blaster exclusively with big missile projectiles I thought id have a look at giving it a bit more oomph.

So last night I improved the pump seal, bunged up the OPRV and cut off the front air diffuser/ restictor bit. It now fires with a satisfying "Pop!" While i had it open , i tried an elite dart in the barrel, too loose a fit.

What about if I tried a small piece of brass, for eh science 🤓

Well, I have made something bad, very bad 😈

Normal darts scream out of it like a laser at warp factor 9!!

This is now being kept for brewery work use only unless on missile duty.

My BBUMB with a way too short barrel, pretty much like yours, clocked 225fps with a dart.

Yeah i think with a long barrel it could build up some real speed!

It was really just an afterthougjt as its primary purpose is to shoot demo missiles.  Guesstimating by sight I'd reckon it shoots missiles at least as fast as a stock blaster fires elites which is exactly what I want.

Now I just need to start getting some other rocket launcher type things. Buzz bee Blastzooka incoming !!!

Can confirm nut shots from demo missiles at that speed are less fun.

Perfect, I'll use it for shooting the refs !  😂

We have one as a Nerf RPG for the "terrorist" team to have in games. Accuracy is "interesting". We have also got 2 of the big MY HAMP rockets they have in Morrisons for use against zombie juggernauts (moto X armour!) once fired you can't recover the missiles. Again wild innacuracy is part of the fun.

Big darts are where it's at.

Have you seen the demolisher missile launcher on reddit made using a converted rebelle crossbow?

Yeah, saw that today , very nice.

Just ordered one of these;

Going to do some kind of mad multi missile integration thing.


It will be mine. Just need to make sure I don't buy a trainset or something

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